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In Honor of Instagram Vs. Snapchat Here are the Top 20 Funniest Knock-off Products of All Time

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In Honor of Instagram Vs. Snapchat Here are the Top 20 Funniest Knock-off Products of All Time

In Honor of Instagram Vs. Snapchat Here are the Top 20 Funniest Knock-off Products of All Time

Okay so the biggest buzz on the internet right now is Instagram blatantly jacking Snapchat’s whole steeze.  It’s like Zuckerberg is the cyber version of El Chapo and he’s hell bent on taking out any rival IT cartels.  No matter which app you side with, you gotta’ admit this was a pretty big power move by I.G.  So I gots to thinking.  What other products, brands and services got jacked with such reckless abandon?  Well after a little digging we found the top Top 20 Funniest Knock-off Products of All Time. Check out the list as well as my thoughts on each knock off.  Enjoy.


Windows vs Bindows


If a company has the balls to copy the richest guy in the world then no one is safe! Michaelsoft Bindows is definitely the most G move we’ve ever seen considering Bill Gates probably has a small village of lawyers that are ready to sue anyone trying to use the Windows name including window washers.


Guess Who vs Who’s Left?


As an 80’s baby I remember playing Guess Who as a kid.  However, this knock off version might be a little tougher considering the lack of diversity.  Either way I am all down for games so if I was on a tight budget and Who’s Left? was sitting on a shelf for dirt cheap, best believe all of my guests will be playing it at our next game night.


Toys “R” Us vs Toymart


Considering the fact that Geoffrey the Giraffe blessed us with the GOAT childhood jingle it’s just a slap in the face to all of our childhoods to see this.  No one can think of Toys “R” Us and not smile.  Some of our fondest moments as a kid were running up and down those aisles. I doubt Toymart doesn’t even have an appealing jingle.


Starbucks vs Sunbucks


Technically Sunbucks could argue that the difference between the two are day and night.  However, Starbucks has a cult like following and when it comes to their coffee things can get serious. There’s already a Starbucks vs Wawa vs D.D Game of Thrones’esque war going on as we speak.  No need for another fraction to come in and confuse the masses.  No thanks Sunbucks.


Superman vs Specialman


The difference in the name is eerily similar to the way a guy gets friend zoned.  “I think you’re a Specialman” = You’re in the friend zone lane with a seatbelt.  As opposed to “I think you’re a Superman” = You’re in there like swimwear.   See the difference? Our recommendation is to stick with Sups.


Sharpie vs Skerple


Honestly I am not even mad about this.  I mean “sharpie” is more of those things you say like “I need a Kleenex” or “Can you Xerox this for me?”  At the end of the day if it writes and it works who really gives a shit.  These are one of those knock-offs that will save you money and you’re not really sacrificing much here.  Good job Skerple!


Qiaodan Sports vs Jumpman

Qiaodan Sports

This one is actually being fought in international courts and not that type that comes with a goal and net.  However, for yeeearrs guys have been copping fake J’s.  The argument has always been “They’re made in the same factory.” I am not sure how accurate that is but at the end of the day if you swap out the logos, you really cant tell the difference.  However, would I buy them? No.


TMNT vs New Style Ninja Tortoise


I can’t overstate just how much of an impact TMNT had on my childhood.  TMNT movies 1 & 2 are cinematically up there with Goodfellas and the Godfather and there’s no debate.  So for me to lay eyes on this travesty has been nothing short of infuriating.  If I had a dog I wouldn’t even let him play with this debauchery!


Mister Softee vs Master Softee


By the looks of Master Softee’s logo, we’re guessing this truck rides down the street blasting Tiny Tim’s Tiptoe Through the Tulips.  This is another one that ended up in courts.  However, I don’t care how hot it is outside. Call me bougie but if it doesn’t have the Mr. Softee jingle and the logo isn’t Mr. Softee himself, I ain’t buying it.


Mountain Dew vs Mountain Lightning


Knock-off soda is only good for two occasions, family picnics and church outings.  Other than that the only acceptable knock-off is RC Cola.  Anything else you gotta go with the brands.  This just looks like one big package of disappointment.


M&M’s vs S&M’s


This right here is the candy you give away for Halloween while you keep the good stuff stashed.  Not only will you look like the nice neighbor handing out candy to the kiddies, no one will know the difference until their already home sorting out their sugar treasures.  By then it’ll be too late and they won’t be able to trace where the fugahzee M&M’s came from. For this we give S&M’s a thumbs up!


Life vs Live it up!


As an adult I quickly found out the value and goodness of knock off cereals.  Every cereal in my home comes in a plastic bag and all of me is okay with that.  Therefore, Live it Up! looks like a viable option for my morning breakfast.  Not only doesn’t it look more appealing than life but just reading the box gives me energy and makes me want to plan an exotic vacation and live it up somewhere.  I love the message, therefore Live it Up! you’re A-Ok with me.




Nah we good.


Johnnie Walker vs Johnnie Worker


This just screams prison made bathtub boogie.  Well liquor is one thing but when you’re trying to mimic top shelf options, you’re just stepping over sacred boundaries.   No one wants to expect a smooth Johnnie Walker neat only to be greeted with 2nd degree burns in their esophagus.  This is a no go!


Dolce & Cabana vs Dolce & Banana


Hmmm, I’ve never been a label whore so I am indifferent on this one.  Unless I was painting a house or playing all-tackle-one with my boys I most likely wouldn’t rock a Dolce & Banana shirt.  There’s just something about off brands in the fashion world that rubs me the wrong way.  This knock off will just draw snickers and smirks and you will never get laid draped in it. For this we shall pass.


Chuck Taylors vs Ball Star Classic


 This picture is just all types of no.  First of all you’re guaranteed to rupture your achilles heel just standing in these things. If Dr. J balled in these, his career would’ve ended during his first practice, that’s how unsafe these things look.  Chuck Taylors are already pretty damn cheap so there is no reason go try to cut into their market, that’s just inconsiderate. Besides no self-respecting sneaker head would be caught dead in these.


Captain Morgan Vs. Admiral Nelson’s


Our stance on bootleg liquor does not change even when both mascots are sporting kick-ass outfits.  If this was a real life sea battle Captain Morgan would commandeer Admiral Nelson’s ship and make him walk the plank.  Next!


I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter vs You’d Butter Believe It


My cholesterol went up 50 pts just posting this picture.  I am not sure if I’d try this out but if push came to shove and I was over a friends house and a stack of fluffy pancakes were on the dinning table and “You’d Butter Believe It!” Was my only option, I’d have to go for it.  These are those products you gotta’ roll with when all of your options have been exhausted.


Oreos vs Borios


These are those disappointing snacks you find when you spend the night at Grandma’s.  The ones where you ask if she has any snacks and she tells you to check the cupboard.  You’re thinking double stuffed peanut butter Oreos, only to have the life sucked out of you finding these waiting on the shelf.  No thanks Borio.


Arm & Hammer vs Arm & Hatchet


This may be legit.  I mean you don’t have to eat this or wear it. Many times cleaning supplies work just as good as the brand names.  As long as this does the same job as Arm & Hammer than who cares?  Well maybe drug dealers will care but Arm & Hammer has had the baking soda market in a cobra clutch for decades.  Let someone else get some action.  I’ll take it!

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