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Here’s Your Recap from Last Week’s The Merge by MergeArts

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Here’s Your Recap from Last Week’s The Merge by MergeArts

The word hasn’t completely got out about the newly transformed Coda (1712 Walnut St.), so when a line formed down the block last Thursday, many passers-by peppered the doormen with questions of what exactly was going on.  Obviously it wasn’t a club night judging by the eclectic crowd that consisted of young and old, conservative and care-free and just about every other types you can imagine.

MergeArts which has become known amongst the Philly art scene has been putting on what they call The Merge for 4 years now.  However, it has recently morphed into something very special. Combining visual arts, music and fashion all under one roof, it’s almost like an art world for those with ADHD.  There is literately something new and intriguing to look at or listen to all night.

Last week’s The Merge was no exception.  With 4 bands, 6 fashion designers, 14 visual artists and an awesome DJ cranking out hit after hit the atmosphere was very partyesque and the work was captivating.  Guests were treated to every wall showcasing just about every type of visual arts you can imagine including photography, abstract, canvas paintings, and elaborate prints. Some of the artists on display included Robert Szatmari, Craig Hable Art, Cohen Asher, Lily Brown, Timothy Caison and many more. All art that was displayed was available for purchase, so we can only imagine the one-of-a-kind pieces that were taken home that night.

In addition to the visual arts, guests were also musically stimulated by several local live bands which included the popular group Overcoming Gravity, Those People, Blakeslee and SPiN.  Every band brought it, performing as if a major record contract was on the line.  The performances alone were worth the price of admission.  In between it all local DJ phenom DJ Ghost proved stellar beats throughout the night.

The cherry on top of this elaborate event came towards the end when a custom runway built on the spot was put into place and local fashion designers had their models strut their latest creations.  Von Alenxandria, Aoki Boutique, & Geisha House displayed very impressive designs and eye popping pieces.  Behind the scenes a network of up-and-coming hairstylists, make-up artists and accessory companies created a seamless show that could have held its own in any Fashion Week event.

All-in-all The Merge by MergeArts created an extraordinaire platform for local artists of every genre to showcase their work.  The specious venue was top notch and the production was just as great.  MergeArts looks to recreate the magic from last week show on a monthly basis and by the looks of things this event is certainly going to get better each time.

Here are some images from last week’s show!






















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