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Chill Moody Uncategorized and Uncensored


Chill Moody Uncategorized and Uncensored

It all really took off in the summer of ’09.  Fresh out of graduating from Millersville University, Chill Moody was hosting his celebratory party with close friends and relatives.  As Chill got up to address the crowd and thank them for their attendance, he also had a special announcement to make.  No, it wasn’t that he was moving out of town for a job or joining the Peace Corps., he was getting set to follow his dreams.  So with the attendees attention in the palm of his hand, Chill who was a little inebriated at the time (most likely to take the edge off) announced that he will be pursuing a career in music.

chillmoody2“I was like look I was giving my speech thanking everybody for coming to the party…whatever….whatever…I was  like I am going to take at least a year to follow this music stuff.  It’s starting to pick-up at the end of my college career,” Chill Moody recalls.  Where most parents would second guess their child’s decision, Chill was fortunate enough to get his parents’ blessing and carve out his own legacy in life. Making things pop out in Lancaster, PA was one thing but paving his own lane in a city that has become a hub for gangsta’ rap was another.

Chill knew he had to make it happen in Philly. After all it was his home turf and the music scene has always been strong here.  In an era between the Beanie Sigel and Meek Mill, this laid back kid from West Philly decided to make a name for himself.  Not deterred by the overwhelming demand for lyrics involving gun play and crack sells, Chill stayed true to himself.  You would think there would be a struggle to deliver a product of clean cut party songs mixed with gritty street tales but it was no sweat if you asked him. “I don’t think its been difficult as you may think just because of Beanie Sigel and Meek Mill, these guys came off as gangsta’ rappers but at the end of the day we are all telling the same story just from different perspectives. We’re telling a story of growing up in the hood in Philadelphia, trying to make it and the routes that we took trying to make it.  But the end of all of that, we’re lyricists,” Chill explains.

Besides, making music in a town known for its Big 5 schools, many of its inhabitants are educated both in and out of the classroom.  These experiences make Philly residents complex, where they can understand the struggles of street rap and  relate to the trials and tribulations of life after college.  By being able to walk the thin line between a college graduate and street poet, Chill is able to speak to these complex individuals and create a sound that ultimately cannot be categorized.  “I hate to categorize things.  I say all the time I carry a backpack but I am not a back packer. People are scared that someone can just be versatile and just be themselves.  I am a lot of different things in a person you know.  I went to college, I talk about that and I am from the hood,” exclaims Chill as he sets the record straight regarding critics that may look to box him in.

Now with both feet planted in the music industry, Chill has made significant strides since his graduation announcement.  No longer relegated to handing out CDs in hopes to garner attention, Chill has already landed tracks in the rotation of many of the top radio stations both in Philly and nationwide.  Whether it was Power 99’s Come Up Show or Tony Touch’s Toca Tuesdays on Shade 45 Radio, Chill has always delivered.  “I just want Chill Moody to be a chillmoody3household name internationally.  You know like my first video that I dropped that landed on MTV Jams landed in the states but it also landed overseas in Germany, and France, and Italy, and a bunch of other places.  I want things like that to continue to happen,” Chill explains.

As an indie artist, Chill’s progression is nothing less than impressive.  With an international reach and no major deal signed, he has embodied the Philly hustler spirit throughout his young career.  With whispers in and outside of the music industry regarding Chill Moody’s future plans to sign to a major label, Chill is ensuring that his next move is his best move.  I mean come on, we’ve all heard the stories and the rumors regarding artists getting jerked.  Take a look at TLC, who were the best selling American female group of all time and by all accounts left broke at the end of their career.  However, this doesn’t phase Chill one bit.  “I am confident I wouldn’t let no one jerk me out of no bread or give me a raw deal.  So I am not hesitant when I walk through the door and talk to these labels, these people.  I know what I want.  I know what I am looking for.  I know what I have to offer.”

What’s truly remarkable is the how his success has come in a town with no real music infrastructure.  All of the labels, record deals, and major moves happen outside of Philly.  The deck is stacked against any artist in any genre looking to make noise out of Philly.  However, Chill’s long term goals are to eventually change that and yield more up an coming talent. “I already started managing artists and tried to build a label infrastructure so people don’t have to leave to make it in Philly. [Eventually] there will be a building here or some type of infrastructure so you can make it here, then and go introduce ourselves to the world.”

Even though Chill Moody’s goal is to conquer music on a global scale, Philly will always be his priority.  So no matter where his music journey takes him, Chill Moody will always be West Philly’s own.  “I got a lot of pride in my city and I want to see my city win and with some of the most talented muthafuckas in the world.  Everybody, all around my city all different walks of artistry, I think we have the most talented collective in the world.”

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