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The New Millennium Dance Complex is Set to Open Next Month

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The New Millennium Dance Complex is Set to Open Next Month

Millennium Dance Complex will bring the world’s biggest names in dance to Philadelphia’s famous South Street. The iconic building was formerly occupied by Pearl Arts & Crafts, Cohen Hardware and Dubrow Furniture.  The creative art of dance will now fill the 39,000 square foot space with drop-in dance classes, master weekends and workshop series by high-profile choreographers who work with A-list celebrities and pop stars like Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, N Sync, Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus, Pink, Diddy, Usher and Beyonce. The majority of classes will be drop-in style and will focus on all dance disciplines, including but not limited to hip hop, jazz, tap, jazz funk, modern, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, street jazz, breaking, freestyle, strength and agility training and others.

Experience levels will range from absolute beginners to intermediate, advanced and pro. Classes are geared towards experience vs. age, though there will be some dedicated classes for children and other classes for adults only. Once a month, look for master classes and/or workshop series, and, at least once a quarter, look for a dance series of classes (ranging from four to six weeks) along with specialized guest workshops.

Beginners to experts will have the opportunity to study with top industry professionals and benefit from a pool of extensive knowledge in the dance world. Pop stars will also call the new complex a home away from home as they take classes, scout talent and rehearse for tours and videos. Additionally, choreographers, pop stars and dancers will have the option to shoot photographs and video in the third floor multi-purpose space as well as on top of the roof, with striking views of Center City in the background.

BUILDING – PHASE ONE (Open by 11/28)

The first floor (9,000 square feet) will feature four main dance studios with hardwood sprung floors in two of the spaces, and marley sprung floors in the other two spaces. Each room will have viewing windows from the ‘hall of fame,’ that will feature autographed photographs from the choreographers and their celebrity clients. The main studio will give the public a glimpse of the magic through windows looking out to South Street. Additionally, the first floor will also feature two seating areas, a reception and retail desk, student lockers, the choreographers’ office, a conference room, bathrooms and three changing rooms. As a tip of the hat to the former and beloved tenant, Pearl Arts and Crafts, the four studio spaces and private dance space will be named after a letter in the Pearl name. Each room will be identified by a piece of the original sign that adorned the building.

The second floor (9,000 square feet) will feature a childcare room where students can drop off their children during their dance lessons. The third floor (9,000 square feet) will feature wall-to-floor street art paying homage to dance, the arts, South Street, Philadelphia and famous Philadelphians. The space will be used for photo and video shoots with choreographers, celebrity clients and dancers. The roof (5,000 square feet) will also serve as a unique space for photo and video shoots, with the Center City skyline in the background. The basement (7,000 square feet) will feature a bootcamp training area with an indoor running track, TRX workout zone, tumbling mats, heavy bag workout area and matted stretching space.

BUILDING – PHASE TWO (Anticipated 2015)

Future plans will include development of the second floor space, including retail space for choreographers, a spa and massage area, performance rehearsal space and other amenities. The third floor will be developed into an event and rental space for performances, community events, private parties and other functions.


Millennium Dance Complex Philadelphia will be open 365 days a year, Sunday through Saturday. Opening hours are anticipated to be Sunday through Thursday, 10:00am to 10:00pm, and Friday and Saturday 8:00am to 12:00am.


The four studios can accommodate classes ranging from 20 to 150 students. The complex can accommodate up to 40 classes a day, pending scheduling, availability, events and rehearsals. The opening goal is for 20-25 classes per day. Classes are 60 and 90 minutes long.

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