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Bianca Ryan is All Grown-Up and Ready to Deliver a New Sound



Bianca Ryan is All Grown-Up and Ready to Deliver a New Sound

Bianca Ryan is All Grown-Up and Ready to Deliver a New Sound

There’s no denying Philadelphia’s impact in the music scene.  We’re all familiar with the legends from Patti LaBelle to  Hall & Oates to The Roots and every genre in-between, Philly based musicians have left their mark on the music industry.  Looking to contribute to the long line of amazing talent, Bianca Ryan who is 9 years removed from her monumental win on the 1st season of America’s Got Talent, looks to expand her music career.  No longer the shy & timid girl who belted powerful melodies, Bianca Ryan has transitioned into a young woman and she wants her music to reflect her evolution.


With more control over her career and penning songs on her own, Bianca Ryan looks to convey her personal life experiences through music. “All the lyrics aren’t about dandelions and unicorns, it’s real life,” Bianca Ryan states regarding her new music subject matter.    When we caught up with Bianca Ryan at her New Jersey home right over the bridge, she was just wrapping up a few music videos for Christmas tracks she’s been working on with fellow singer James Lamar, which include classics such as “I’ll be Home for Christmas” and “The Christmas Song.”  Known locally for her holiday tunes including her annual performances at the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Bianca Ryan has been making a solid career with a wholesome image and radio friendly tunes.

Setting up shop for our interview in her in-home studio, the atmosphere was warm and inviting.  We were quickly greeted by her father/manager Shawn Ryan who in the past has pursued his own music career.  Since discovering his daughters talents at the tender age of 8, Shawn has Bianca’s #1 supporter and has been instrumental in cultivating her career. Having just wrapped-up a full day of recording music and music videos, Bianca was upbeat, energetic and ready to discuss not only her well documented past but also her goals for the future. Looking to expand her musical repertoire she stated, “I am always striving for more. My dream is for 2016 really be the year for me and have my pop music just like my mainstream stuff be on the radio.”  Already locked and loaded with a possible hit on her hands entitled “What I gotta’ do,” Bianca Ryan tells us she’s ready to tackle more mature lyrics dealing with dating and love.

As a kid star Bianca lived her teenage years as any typical teen would. Opting out of the “fancy” places such as L.A and New York the Ryan family stayed true to their Philly area roots.  “I think living in Philly really developed me and humbled me as an artist.” It’s apparent off-the-bat that the fame and celebrity status did not get to her head.  Not only did she welcome us into her home for this interview but Bianca was also open about her personal experiences over the years as well as aspirations to grow as an artist.

Her EP which is due this spring looks to be a key point in her career.  Sure the image of a young girl balling her eyes out in front of millions after winning America’s Got Talent is forever etched in the minds of her fans but Bianca Ryan has since blossomed into 21 year-old woman with a budding career.  In 2016 you can expect this little lady with a big voice to not only show the world what she has but also etch her place in Philadelphia’s rich musical landscape.

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