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Here’s How to Find Your Uber Rating

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Here’s How to Find Your Uber Rating

It seems like Uber is taking every city by storm.  At first I was skeptical and wondered what the big deal was.  Hailing cabs and being at the mercy of a running meter was a way of life.  However, after one ride I was hooked.  Now taxis seem prehistoric and pricey, especially when it seems as though Philly is coming more congested in terms of traffic year-after-year.

Now I consider myself more of a veteran passenger with my fair share of rides.  Although I’ve heard a few Uber horror stories here and there, I’ve been fortunate enough to have nothing but five star drivers (well let’s just say most have been more than okay).  With that being said, being the gracious guy that I am, nothing but 5 star ratings have been handed out by me.  I am sure this is a confidence boost but it got me thinking, wait a minute these guys obviously have a rating system of their own.

What driver would want to pick up a passenger that has chronic issues with paying their fare or unruly passengers that are demanding or disrespectful.  I may have been inebriated on a few of my rides but to the best of my knowledge I believe I was well behaved.  So I researched ways to find my Uber rating which is actually pretty simple.

Step 1

Open the app and click on the profile icon (top left corner)

Step 2

Click on the “Help” option on the menu

Step 3

Chose “My Account” (if you have more than one choose the one you’d like the rating for)

Step 4

Choose the 2nd to last option “I’d like my Uber Rating”

Step 5

Accept the terms and conditions

Voila… your rating will then be emailed to you.


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