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7 Struggles People 30 and Over With No Kids Understand

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7 Struggles People 30 and Over With No Kids Understand

7 Struggles People 30 and Over With No Kids Understand

Having a child is life changing. Every friend of mine who has one gushes at the fact that they have a child and their life revolves around their child.  They don’t exactly tell me that but their Facebook and Instagram pages do.  On the flip side being a parent can also be stressful. Often they look at childless 30 somethings and think we have it made.  However, we have struggles of our own.  They may not be as critical as childcare issues, but they are struggles nonetheless. So if you’re in your dirty 30’s and seedless, then you can most likely relate to our list of 7 Struggles People 30 and Over With No Kids Understand.


The Family Pressure


Let’s just get this one out the way.  If you have a sibling with kids, that may take a little pressure off you but it never fails for your parents, grand parents or older relatives to continue to ask “so when are you having kids?”  In your head you’re thinking “Umm how about Nevuary 1st?” But what comes out is the boilerplate “When I meet the right one.” When in fact you already met that person but you were consumed by career goals and engulfed in the single life.  Sure eventually it may happen but for now, sorry mom and dad don’t hold your breath.


Social Media is the “Look at my wallet photos of my kids”


Back in the day before social media put Kodak out of business, people used to walk around with bulky wallets with flip out photos. So say you decided to make a midnight run to the supermarket for some Count Chocula cereal to satisfy your midnight munchies and you run into an old friend, you have to give the obligatory what’s new? Then they proceed to flip the wallet containing a mini photo album when a simple “Everything is good” would have sufficed. Fast forward to 2015 and your news feed looks like a scrapbook of a kindergarten class which leaves you wondering, where did all the party pics go?


You’re not Up to Date With Cartoons


Remember those Captain Kangaroo Saturdays?  Well throw out whatever you remember because it’s ancient history. Now you’re friends are saying things like “yea I just bought little Sam a “Teen Titans Go book bag and Jen an Amazing World of Gumball shirt” leaving you with a blank stare. What happened to Thunder Cats, Darkwing Duck, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Gummi Bears and Tiny Toons? Well my friend you can probably catch these shows over on TV Land with the rest of your childhood memories. So until you have kids of your own you will forever be left out of the loop.


You Don’t Know What to Buy for a Kid’s Special Occasion


No more EZ Bake Ovens, Skip It or View-Masters, it’s all….well I actually don’t know what. Unless the parent is registered, you will spend 10 minutes Googling where the closest Kids-R-Us is located then the rest of the day wondering aimlessly through the aisles hoping you don’t show up with the wackest gift, only to end up giving the kid an iTunes gift card and calling it a day.  Cash and gift cards will be the standard cop-out for childless 30 somethings but we’re sure the little ones don’t mind since they can make it rain at the candy store.


Can’t Always be Spontaneous With Friends or Dates


Hey we’re not parent bashing here but seedless 30 somethings have all been in the situation of trying to be spontaneous with either a date or friends.  Usually our impromptu plans come crashing down due to the babysitter factor.  Almost like planning a vacation at work you have to give a heads up on your upcoming plans.  Although it does take some of the thrill out of an adventure at least you know what to expect when you start producing your own mini-mes.


Baby Showers and Kid Bday’s Turn into Speed Dating

If you’re the single friend with no kids it seems like all of your “family oriented” friends are trying to play match maker.  Maybe they are oblivious to the fact that you’re more than content with the fact you haven’t changed your Facebook relationship status since college.  Either way be prepared to have to go through a flurry of introductions to their  distant relatives and friends of their significant other.  Usually these instances are followed-up by awkward social media friend requests and run-ins around town.  So whenever an invite hits your inbox for these types of events you have to get mentally prepared.


You Want to Hit-up a Kid Themed Place Without Looking Like a Weirdo

big kid

Let’s be honest.  Chuck-E-Cheese low key has some banging food,  Disney has great attractions and Sesame Place looks like a great place to spend an evening to relive your childhood. For guys like myself you can’t visit any of these places solo without feeling like Chris Hansen will pop-out of nowhere and label you a pedo. Females have a little more leeway but I can still imagine it being awkward. Point being is unless we borrow kids for the day, we have to wait until we procreate before we can enjoy kid themed spots with a clean conscious.  So for now we have to be a little jealous of the parents who get frolic at these establishments with no shame.


Baby Momma/Daddy Drama


On the dating tip there’s nothing wrong with dating someone with a child. Shoot I had a stepfather growing-up myself.  But there’s always the potential of baby momma or baby daddy drama.  This makes the courting process a little more difficult considering you have not only have screen your potential suitor but also gauge the situation at hand.  Sometimes they may downplay the situation like everything is kumbaya until you wake up to a keyed car and flat tires.  At the end of the day it can be a crap shoot.  Sometimes everything is gravy while other times you find yourself in the middle of drama and your dreams of hitting up Chuck-E-Cheese and catching up on the latest cartoons have been shot down.

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