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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Hype for The Philly BBQ Fest


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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Hype for The Philly BBQ Fest

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Hype for The Philly BBQ Fest

We’ve seen our fair share of food fests come and go here in Philly.  However, when it comes to summertime foods, nothing compliments the dog days of summer like BBQ.  Since forever the south and midwest have held the crown for the best BBQ in the nation.  Well Philly is no slouch when it comes to working the grill and smoker.  If you ever wondered just how good the BBQ is here in the city of brotherly love, then look no further than the upcoming Philly BBQ Fest.  This is one food festival you won’t want to miss.  To show you just how great this event will be, we put together a list of 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Hype for The Philly BBQ Fest.  Feast your eyes.


Become the Grill Master You Always Wanted to Be


Was your last BBQ a wash?  No one touched your scorched dogs, your burgers were Michelin tire rubbery and as for your BBQ ….well let’s just say all future invitations will not be RSVP’d.  Well you can change that all around because renowned pitmaster Glenn Gross will be onhand to give you the tricks of the trade.  We’re pretty sure after the Philly BBQ Fest, everyone will want you cheffing it up on their grill


BBQ Eating Competition


It’s only right that every food event in Philly comes equipped with an eating competition.  We love our food here and devouring large quantities in ungodly times is just our thing.  So what better way to show our appreciation to all things BBQ then by hosting an eating competition.  Make sure you break out your phones because this will definitely be Snapchat worthy!


You Get the Best BBQ All in One Spot


Any other day you’ll have to burn a ton of gas to sample Philly’s best BBQ.  Now some of the areas top grillers, smokers and pitmasters will converge at one location.  Sample all the dry rub, original barbecue sauces and fixings all-day-long. We advise you come in comfortable clothes because this will force you to add another hole in your belt.


It’s The Most “Summery” Thing You Can Do in The City


BBQ during the summer is what turkey is during Thanksgiving. It’s the hallmark food of warm weather months.  When the weather breaks after spring, nothing indulges your senses like the sweet aroma of BBQ filling the air. Here’s your chance to overindulge.

Wash the BBQ Down at the Onsite Craft Beer Garden


Breakfast isn’t complete without OJ.  Oreos are virtually inedible without milk.  As for BBQ, nothing goes better with it than beer.  Guests at the Philly BBQ Fest will get to enjoy some of the best craft beer in the region.  What better way to wash down the BBQ? Craft beer gardens are a fixture now in Philly so it was only right the Philly BBQ Fest made sure there was one for you beer snobs to enjoy.


Everyone Gets A Voucher for 2 Philly Tickets


As a wrap-up lets look at the perks.  You get to pig out on BBQ allll day. Drink beer, learn pro BBQ techniques, watch the eating contest and to top things off, visitors receive a voucher for two free Phillies tickets.  Summer in Philly doesn’t get any better. It’s like having the ultimate tailgate.


We’re So Sure You’ll Enjoy the Finger Licking Fun at the Philly BBQ Fest That We’re Giving Away a Promo Code of $5 off !

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