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5 Reasons Why Fall is Philly’s Best Season

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5 Reasons Why Fall is Philly’s Best Season

5 Reasons Why Fall is Philly’s Best Season

So this weekend marks the unofficial end of summer.  While most believe summer is the best season due to the weather, traveling, and no school, it’s not exactly the time of year where Philly thrives.  If you want to get the best feel for the City of Brotherly love, fall is without a doubt the best time of year to visit.  In case you are skeptical with this statement below are 5 reasons why the fall is Philly’s best season.  Everything from the atmosphere to activities and everything in-between, shows why no season highlights Philly’s awesomeness quite like fall.


College is Back In Session


Love em’ or hate em’ college students make this town a better place.  Now I am not talking the ol’ wet behind the ears, fake ID toting college students.  I am talking seasoned students, graduate students, and even the young professionals that work that the universities in town.  These people help fill up the bars and restaurants to create more of a hustle and bustle around town.  Not to mention the creative individuals at these schools often hold cool events including art shows, film festivals, and nightlife events.  Basically the city thrives when schools in session because if you take a look around the city during the summer months it kind of has a ghost town feel to it.  So let’s give thanks to the college students even if it means more traffic and less available parking spots.

4 for 4 Sports Means Tailgating and Packed Bars

NFL: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

We’re talking tailgate mania, packed bars, and a buzz in the air.  Considering Philly is consistently rated among the top sports towns in America, nothing creates excitement when all 4 teams are active at the same time. Granted the Phillies have been stinking up the joint but in the fall Philly pride is at an all time high.  The lots at the stadiums turn into culinary funlands with some of the best tailgating in the country.  If you can’t make it to the games, no worries everyone is back from the shore and the popular sports bars are exciting to be at during game days.  So if you want to experience true Philly sports passion you got to be here in the fall and no matter what people tell you Santa Claus is always welcomed in Philly (as long as he’s rocking a green suit).


Halloween is the Sh#t In Philly


Being that Philly is an old historic town it already has a sense of creepiness woven into its image.  From cobble stone roads, dark alleys, and homes that are centuries old it almost seems like it is too perfect of a city to celebrate Halloween in.  So when Halloween rolls around the choices of spooky things to do is almost endless.  For those that like to walk around and enjoy the outdoors, take a ghost tour around old city.  Prefer to visit a creepy historic location, no problem Eastern State Penitentiary is one of the best Halloween attractions in the region. Still want other spooky options?  There’s the fright factory in town and just outside of town is the Pennhurst Asylum.  Either one you chose prepared to be scared shitless because when it comes to getting the most out of Halloween Philly does it the best.


Fall Foliage Makes the City Look Cooler


Sure plenty of cities experience fall foliage but there’s nothing quite like Philly in the fall.  Yea, the flowers are in full bloom in the spring and summer months, but the colors of the fall foliage paint Philly with bold colors and the scent of the leaves brings a nostalgic feeling you just can’t experience any other time of the year.  It almost makes you want to spend more time outdoors to enjoy the view and comfortable weather.  I mean come on in the summer it can be uncomfortably hot which means you’re staying indoors enjoying the AC.  However, fall means hoodie season.  So throw on your favorite hoodie or light jacket and walk, bike, or run around town and take in some of the best scenery you just can’t get anywhere else.


Nightlife Comes Back to Life


If you work in the nightlife industry or know someone that does then you know that nightlife in Philly takes a dive in the summer months.  Half the town is either at the shore or out-of-town on summer break.  So when fall rolls back around the nightlife thrives.  Whether your preference is clubs, lounges, or bars they all peak during the fall months.  From back to school jams to holiday themed parties there just seems like there is more to celebrate once September rolls around.  Club owners, bartenders, waitresses, and even the shot girls all breathe a collective sigh of relief knowing that their bizz is back in full swing.

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