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Percy Street Barbecue Wants to Buy Your Dad a Beer for Father’s Day

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Percy Street Barbecue Wants to Buy Your Dad a Beer for Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, Percy Street Barbecue (900 South Street, 215-625-8510) helps carry on a tradition that is nearly as old as fatherhood itself:  Sharing a beer with your dad.  On Sunday, June 21st, when guests dine at Percy Street and buy their father his first beer, Percy Street will crack open a newly released can of Victory Brewing Company’s Summer Love Ale – on the house.

“Maybe you shared your first beer with your dad way back when, or maybe you just like that scene in Vacation when Clark Griswold gives Rusty a beer after crashing the family truckster in the desert,” says Chef-Owner Erin O’Shea.  “In either case, we’re here not only to support, but also to encourage, this simple and timeless rite of passage…with an ID of course!”

Besides the free beer, Percy Street is the perfect excuse for dad to set down his spatula and apron and relinquish his grilling duties for the day.  Percy Street offers a full complement of meats smoked over local red oak, together with home-style sides, classic pies, the country’s largest selection of craft canned beer, and enough American whiskies to make you realize what the fuss is all about.

For the ultimate pater familias feast, reserve the Whole Brisket Dinner ($225 with 48 hours advance notice), a multi-course feast that feeds 6-8 hungry humans and culminates in Percy Street’s signature dish:  A whole, 5-lb. smoked brisket, carved at your table.

Originally commissioned by Visit Philadelphia to capture the essence of a city rich in history and flavor, Victory Summer Love Ale is the perfect summer thirst quencher.  Brewed with 2 row German malt and three types of whole flower American Hops, this light-bodied golden ale is a great Father’s Day reward for dad even if he doesn’t mow the lawn.

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