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Zagat’s Top 10 Burgers in Philly

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Zagat’s Top 10 Burgers in Philly

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Zagat just released a top 10 list of Philly’s best burgers. While this debate will probably be a never ending battle, Zagat’s scale for choosing the burger is pretty scientific. According to their website:

“The classic fast food now comes in countless variations. Popular chains are adding umami (the elusive fifth taste), while American chefs load on everything from bacon-onion jam to funky Roquefort cheese. In other words: It’s an amazing time to be burger-obsessed. To discover what kind of burger Americans love best, Zagat launched our first-ever coast-to-coast burger survey.

We polled thousands of diners about their favorite burgers in 15 major markets and asked them to rate their favorite beef hamburgers. Each burger was graded in three categories (Flavor, Ingredients and Value) on a three-point scale (0 = fair/poor, 1 = good, 2 = very good, 3 = excellent). These ratings were then averaged and presented on Zagat’s classic 30-point scale. Click through the burger icons above to discover the top-rated burgers, so when your next craving strikes, you’ll know exactly where to go.”

With this is mind, here are Zagat’s Top 10 Burgers in Philly!

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