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The New Restaurant, EAT Cafe In West Philly Will Be Pay What You Can!


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The New Restaurant, EAT Cafe In West Philly Will Be Pay What You Can!

The New Restaurant, EAT Cafe In West Philly Will Be Pay What You Can!

If you’re familiar with the Philadelphia Museum of Art (Art Museum) Sunday’s pay as you wish policy then you know how clutch it can be when you’re low on funds and want to enjoy art and culture.  Now take that same principle and apply it food.  Yes, a new restaurant is opening up in West Philadelphia and it’s offering a “pay what you can” system. The new Eat Cafe (Everyone At the Table) is opening October 26th at 3820 Lancaster Ave. and is looking to nourish local Philadelphians who may otherwise miss out on a hardy meal as well as provide an opportunity for those with dispensable income to give back.

Eat Cafe  is backed by a network of community based entities including the Center for Hunger-Free Communities, the Center for Hospitality and Sports Management at Drexel University, Vetri Community Partnership and the Greater West Philadelphia Community. Together this partnership has created a one-of-a-kind dinning experience that will hopefully start a trend in Philadelphia.

Donnell Jones-Craven, the restaurant’s chef and general manager, was quoted in a March Inquirer article as saying, “one of EAT’s central goals is to help ease the food insecurity that affects nearly one in four Philadelphians, while helping to bring the community together.”  Jones-Craven is anticipating that those with more will pay extra to offset the tabs of those who aren’t able to give as much.

As for the menu, Eat Cafe is keeping things relatively simple for its initial launch with a pre-fixed menu.  With a suggested ($15) per person tab, patrons will get to enjoy the following:


Autumn Salad
Seasonal greens, spinach, roasted root vegetables accented with citrus vinaigrette

Cream of Mushroom Soup
Assorted mushrooms, fresh herbs, and aromatic vegetables accented with cream and vegetable broth


Daily Sandwich
Thinly sliced deli meats with all the fixings served with picky spear and chips. Served hot or cold.

Home-style Beef Stew
Sirloin beef braised with vegetables in a rich beef broth with spices

Pasta Ratatouille
Homemade Ratatouille tossed with garbanzo and kidney beans in a tomato herb marinara


Seasonal Vegetable of the Day
Locally procured offerings seasoned well and cooked al dente

Mama’s Fried Apples
Local apples cooked in butter, cinnamon, brown sugar, and cider vinegar

Assorted Bread/Rolls


A blend of seasonal fruit in fresh whipped cream accented with toasted coconut and sliced almonds



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