The Teen in the Popular "Confused GIrl" Memes is Suing Instagram for $500 Million - Wooder Ice
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The Teen in the Popular “Confused GIrl” Memes is Suing Instagram for $500 Million

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The Teen in the Popular “Confused GIrl” Memes is Suing Instagram for $500 Million

Keisha Johnson who resides in Alabama is the girl pictured in the wildly popular “confused girl” memes that spread throughout the social media world like wildfire.  Everyone from friends to celebrities have posted variations of the meme but Keisha is the only one not laughing.

Ms. Johnson recently file a lawsuit to the tune of $500 million dollars against Instagram for defamation of character.  When asked about the lawsuit she stated, “My face looked ugly like I was about to throw up…I look nothing like that in really life…I’m really a bad b*tch!”  Yes, we cannot make this stuff up.  I wonder how this “bad b*tch”  argument will hold up in court?

However, it seems like Keisha may never actually see a dime since Instagrams terms and conditions clearly state that people who use the social network are responsible for the content they choose to share.  I wonder when a judge tries to explain this to her if she will give the same confused face.



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