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Afeni Shakur Green Lights Tupac Biopic

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Afeni Shakur Green Lights Tupac Biopic

For years hip hop heads have lobbied for a Tupac biopic.  I mean Biggie had one it’s only right that his counterpart Tupac got one.  Well it looks like that time has finally arrived.  Afeni Shakur (Tupac’s mom) has given the green light for a biopic to tell the story of the rise and fall of her late son and will oversee all of the upcoming film’s production.

The film will be produced by Morgan Creek Productions and is set to get started this coming June.  According to Collider producer Randall Emmett who will be working on the film:

“Our story, like a lot of biopics, especially in the Hip Hop space, will start [by setting] up the beginning of his life. Kind of set up his beginnings and then go into the key years of leading up to the pinnacle of his success. Those three or four key years of his rise…We want to be real and raw about the things and the life and the gangster life he was involved in growing up in the way he grew up, but we also want to honor the talent. He really was, in my opinion, for sure, one of the greatest talents that ever lived in music and in Hip Hop.”

Although no one has been cast to play the legendary rapper,  Morgan Creek Productions have acquired the music rights from Tupac’s estate after joining forces with Afeni.  So expect all of Tupac’s original hits and a dope ass soundtrack.


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