13 Steps to Surviving Your Freshman Year in College! -Philly Edition- Wooder Ice
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13 Steps to Surviving Your Freshman Year in College! -Philly Edition-

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13 Steps to Surviving Your Freshman Year in College! -Philly Edition-

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

13 Steps to Surviving Your Freshman Year in College! -Philly Edition-

13 Steps to Surviving Your Freshman Year in College! -Philly Edition

No matter what school you pick to start your college journey, being a freshman is pretty intimidating. You will not be pushed down the stairs, or get your lunch money stolen, but listed below are a few tips on how to survive your first year at college.

#1- You are not alone and everyone else is most likely just as nervous as you.


When I was a Freshman at Temple University, moving away from home to another state was very scary, and when I got to school I was incredibly relieved to meet people who shared my concerns about adjusting to a new environment. You may get lost every time you use the subway, but try to see as an adventure every time! And you are not crazy for being nervous, you’re human, and have feelings!


#2- Be yourself and put yourself out there

It’s always great to have a few friends, just be yourself and you will be surprised how many people are similar to you. I made so many friends that have a common sense of humor, and similar interests as me, just from being myself from the get-go. You’re never too weird or different to make friends.


#3- Join clubs, and keep up with school work.

Keeping yourself occupied while staying on the right track is important. Clubs will help you make friends while doing activities that you enjoy. And staying on top of your school work will fill up some of your time, and help you keep that GPA up!

#4- Make at least one friend in each of your classes.

On the first day of class try and sit towards the front or wherever you feel comfortable and make small talk with another classmate. If you need help with this, the weather is always a good topic, because unless you’re from outer space and rode on a spaceship to class, you know what the weather that day felt like. It’s nice to have a buddy through the semester, and someone who you can work on the class material with if you need help.

#5- Study your craft and prepare for the future.

College is the start of the rest of your life. It’s important to find what you love to do and start to learn your subjects of interest. Despite what anybody says, it’s cool to be a nerd!

#6- Network.

Making connections is very important, and you are going to hear that until the day you die. The person sitting next to you in one of your classes could very well be your future employer. You never know who is going to help you in the long run, so go and mix and mingle.


#7- Use all resources that your school has to offer.

You’re paying good money to get an education, and schools offer a ton of free or cheap resources. Look into what is available and get the most of your money’s worth.


#8- Explore every chance that you get.

Try to say yes more, especially to new experiences. You never know where you might end up, or how much fun you could have if you never put yourself out there. Take the subway to a random stop and explore with a friend, or just walk around campus. Just don’t miss the opportunity to get to know your school and the surrounding areas.

#9- Have fun but be safe.

It’s important to go out and have a good time, but you always have to keep your guard up and know your limits. Basically, just don’t be stupid, but at the same time YOLO.

#10- Don’t fall under peer pressure.

Do what you want to do, not what others tell you to do. Trust your intuition, and do what you think is going to be best for you. Also, think of the consequences that could come from whatever you are debating doing.

#11- Eat new foods and learn about the culture.

Explore your new environment and get to know your surroundings. Food says a lot about an area, so dig in. I definitely can’t count how many cheesesteaks I’ve devoured ever since moving to Philly. #yikes

#12- Learn how to be independent.

You control your own life and the paths you decide to take. College is a great way to get to know yourself, and to learn how maneuver around different environments. Having alone time is a must, it helps you learn great things, so don’t forget that it’s good to have alone time once in a while.


#13- Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

No, it’s not embarrassing, or degrading to ask for assistance. Life is hard mannnn! We all need help sometimes, and it’s okay to admit it. Whether it be with a subject matter for a quiz that you don’t understand, or for your mental health. People are always there for you, so please go to someone if you need/want to.


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