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9 Unbelievable Photos of Asian Fast Food Ads

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9 Unbelievable Photos of Asian Fast Food Ads

Okay so in America fast food is nothing new and the new sandwiches and specials rarely surprise anything.  From Wendy’s Baconator to Taco Bell’s new breakfast items they’ve all been pretty pedestrian.  Now for world travelers visiting fast food came become an adventure.  More often than not fast food companies cater to the local people so unorthodox items can be found on the menus.  Case in point, check out these unbelievable Asian fast food ads.  Which one of these items would you try?



Talk about an instant heart attack one bit can clog an artery



Burger King is obviously doing big things in Japan, literally



hmm doesn’t seem too bad



Pizza & Burger, this is a winning combination



BK obviously has no qualms experimenting in the Asian markets



Dominoes Pizza wants a piece of the exotic fast food market as well



We aren’t too sure what this is but looks awesome



This looks more like a Man Vs. Food Challange



At least these sandwiches have veggies in them

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