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7 of The Best Places for Philly Singles to Hang Out This Fall

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7 of The Best Places for Philly Singles to Hang Out This Fall

7 of The Best Places for Philly Singles to Hang Out This Fall

7 of Best Places for Singles in Philly to Hangout This Fall

The “unofficial” end of summer is here which means we are kicking-off “cuffing season.”  This is the time of the year where we trade-in our swim suits for sweats and flip flops for boots.  It also means that it’s prime time to find a mate.  Some may be looking for a seasonal fling while others are looking for true love.  Wherever you fall on on dating spectrum, we put together a list to make your search a little easier.  After evaluating many of the popular spots in Philly we came up with a list of the best places for singles in Philly to hangout this fall.  Try one or try em’ all and let us know how it works out for ya’.


Small Local Live Music Spots

What better way to prove compatibility than to share the same musical taste.  Luckily for us we are spoiled with music venues that showcase some of the best musicians in the business as well as great local talent.  However, if you’re keeping an eye out for someone this fall, you could get lost in the sauce in these large music venues.  Instead find shows at smaller, more intimate settings.  Open mic nights or local bars that showcase live acts make it easier to mix and mingle and appreciate music over beer or cocktails.   If you need a list of the best open mic nights for each day of the week.

Fall Festivals


 There’s something about the cool crisp autumn air and the leaves changing colors that just puts romance in the air.  Oooor it could be the fact that you’re on your 4th Pumpkin Ale and feeling frisky.  Either way Fall festivals are the perfect backdrop for meeting a potential Netflix and chill partner.  If you need help finding a festival to attend here’s a list of some of the best fall festivals happening in October.  So pick one out, buy a nice fall outfit and strut your stuff because your soulmate just might be in line at your favorite food truck.


Shopping Hot Spots

Photo by Clark Street Mercantile on Unsplash

Speaking of fall outfits, now is the time of the year where folks are packing away the shorts for good and looking for some comfortable sweaters to rock this fall and winter.  The shopping season is upon us so hanging out at shopping hot spots including areas around Walnut on Rittenhouse Square, South Street as well as regional malls may be the move.  Not only will you be able to find a suitor with style but you’ll also be finding gear for yourself, knocking out two birds with one stone.



Whether it be the college or the pros, tailgating is a great place to find your winter hibernation partner.  Not only do you have something in common to talk about off-the-bat (favorite sports team) you know they also have passion and are loyal to teams.  If they are hosting the tailgate then you also found yourself a chef.  Tailgates are easy to break the ice and the ultra laid back atmosphere (and flowing beers)take the pressure off of “trying to pick someone up.”


Adult Classes


Now that the beaches and pool season is officially over it’s time to take activities indoors.  Adult classes such as beer making, furniture re-finishing, glass blowing etc.  are increasing becoming popular among the millennial crowd.  People are simply interested in doing other things besides the bar scene.  Heck many of these classes are BYOB.  So step outside of your comfort zone and enroll in a class.  Not only could you find someone compatible, you’ll learn a cool new skill in the process. Worst case scenario you’ll make yourself a cool new ashtray.


Boutique Coffee Shops

Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash

It’s cooler out so people are looking to cozy-up to a warm cup of something.  I honestly don’t know all the variety of lattes and other fancy shmancy drinks but a vast majority of people gravitate towards cool and hip shops that roast the best beans.  I suggest steering clear of the chain spots with no soul like your Starbucks.  Explore your neighborhood or better yet venture into unfamiliar areas of the city in search of cool coffee shops.


Halloween Attractions


Haunted hayrides, haunted houses and ghost tours sound like places to take a date or family members but there are an overwhelming amount of singles that visit these type places with friends.  This is a perfect opportunity to grab a wingman(woman) or two and scout the local talent.  Obviously being at a cool attraction automatically breaks the ice and if you catch the right crowd in line you guys can double up and take tours together.  Your new main squeeze could literally be squeezing your arm the first night.

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