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6 Reasons The Hive Makes It A Good Time to Be a Female Entrepreneur in Philadelphia



6 Reasons The Hive Makes It A Good Time to Be a Female Entrepreneur in Philadelphia


BYOB (Being Your Own Boss) is tough. While it does come with the  perks of creating your own schedule and pursuing what you love, there is that whole factor of actually ‘making it’ that you have to worry about it. It is even tougher being a female in a male-dominated community. According to Tech Crunch, only 18% of all start-ups have at least one female founder. It is no secret there is a gender-gap in the American workforce. But, Philly is taking steps to empower female entrepreneurs. Wooder Ice got the chance to sit down with Nikki Khanna, Membership Director of The Hive, about why this is the coolest space for Girl Bosses all over the city!


Set up as a co-working space, you get a front-row seat to network with some of Philly’s female movers and shakers. Participate in their mentorship program with a seasoned entrepreneur, or be the mentor for someone who doesn’t know where to take their business next. Members of The Hive have backgrounds in all industries, so you will be able to meet a variety of professionals

Pick your Own Package

Whether you are just a woman at the infancy stage of starting her own business to a full-fledged ‘Boss Lady,’ you can have different membership packages which include office time, meeting room access, and printer privileges.

Fearless Philly Conference

The Hive is introducing the first annual Fearless Philly Conference, which brings together ambitious women to listen and learn from one another. Successful trailblazers in every industry are coming together on November 21st for the all-day conference.

It is Your ‘Cool Girlfriend’s Apartment

Membership Director Nikki Khanna describes The Hive the best- it is set up like that one chic friend’s apartment. With an exposed brick wall, inspirational decor, and a minimalistic co-working table, this is the trendiest place to work in the city.

You Get a Built-In Community

The Hive describes itself as having collaboration as its middle name. Set up as a co-working space, the shared table was built for working together. Every Friday there are group brainstorming sessions, because it is so much easier to have a great idea come to fruition when you can bounce them off of multiple people.


The best part of The Hive? The events that they host! Besides the Fearless Philly Conference, each month The Hive hosts networking mixers and workshops in categories from business education to wellness, and everything in between.

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