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5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Valentine’s Day

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5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s the most popular holiday for couples to plan a romantic getaways. Whether their romantic escape is getting away for a week, weekend or just a day, it’s the most meaningful time of the year for lovers to find many ways to say “I Love You.”  For those without a significant other, Valentine’s Day is also a great time to show family and friends how much you love them as well.  But no matter where or who you are with in the world, these 5 tips will help you get the most out of your Valentine’s getaway.


Turn off your cell phone


If you’re on a romantic getaway, on a date or somewhere with a friend(s) or family, you will enjoy yourself more. It is nothing more enjoyable than enjoying the company of others around you.  This means not being occupied with social media and what others post on Instagram or Facebook. Who care’s what they’re doing. Worry about the person who is in front of you and making a memories that last a life time. There is nothing more annoying than going out with someone who’s clicking away and letting you know, “He’s just not that into you.”


Enjoy where you are


Valentine’s Day is not always red roses and chocolates. If you catch yourself at a restaurant or getaway you really don’t like; just breathe, relax and enjoy the moment. Appreciate all the planning and effort your lover or friend has done for you. Just give them the benefit of the doubt they have taken their time to please you and try to make your day extra special. Like Forest Gump said, My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” So appreciate it.


Think outside the box


On Valentine’s Day, traditionally you would expect roses, wine or champagne (which ever one you prefer) chocolates and strawberries but those things are of the past. More and more people are coming up with creative ways to shower ones’ expression of love. Try a DIY gift to show your appreciation by putting effort into making a gift or go on Groupons/Living Social for some creative gift ideas. These sites usually post a variety of gifts such as; painting parties for two, spa packages, cookie bouquets and much more.


Plan some fun activities


Doing something new and exciting with your significant other, friend or family member. You want to always keep the love alive and interesting. Try a cooking class together to stimulate your taste buds, salsa classes to have your night sizzling with some hot dance moves or go beer tasting instead of the usual winery for a more laid back and chilled atmosphere. Choose an activity that you know you both will love. You’ll be engaged and creating great memories.


Location, Location, Location

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Location could make or break any Valentine’s Day getaway. Look for a place that you all will both enjoy. Nothing is as bad as going to a destination you never wanted to go in the first place. Before going discuss random ideas you and your loved one would like to go. If they want something romantic take them there and check to see if the hotel can offer you any special Valentine’s Day package deals. If your significant doesn’t want something romantic and is looking for more of an adventurous, look for a ski resort for a laid back atmosphere traveling to a beach resort is always a great idea.


Valentines’ Day should not only be about love but also having fun and thinking outside the chocolate heart shape box. – Shawnick Rodriguez


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