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10 Helpful Travel Tips For Women

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10 Helpful Travel Tips For Women

March is National Women’s History Month. In celebration of all things women, I have chosen 10 helpful travel tips for women to make traveling easier and safer for all you ladies out there. If your husband rather sit at home watching football and you are ready to go get off the couch and seek adventures and go globetrotting then follow these simple tips.  Whether you want to take an organized trip or rather plan your own getaway solo or with a group of girlfriends, these travel tips will ensure you create awesome memories.


Plan Ahead


Before planning you trip, make sure you do your research on where you are going. It is important to read as much as you can before traveling and staying up-to-date with current events on what’s going on. You want to know what you are getting yourself into before arriving there.


As the saying goes, “Do as the locals do.”


See what type of clothes women wear in there native country. You want to always be respectful to any countries culture.


Make Copies of Your Itinerary


 Always leave a copy of your itinerary with a family member or friend back at home and be sure you check in with them regularly by phone or email so they know what’s going on at all times.


 Keep Connected


Contact your home country’s embassy when traveling internationally. It is always a good idea to register so that they know when you are visiting.


Stay Sober


It’s okay if you want to have a cocktail with your meal but you have to make sure you are alert at all times.


Less is Best


Travel lightly. Minimizing your luggage not only increases your movement but it also decreases your chances of becoming a target for pickpockers and thieves.


Wear a “Wedding Ring.”


This will help unwanted attention from men and also make men believe you are meeting up with your “husband.”


Trust Your Intuition


A huge part of traveling is experiencing new things, but not all activities are meant to be. If you feel something or someone is not quite right get yourself out of the situation.


Emergency Copies



Make copies of your passport and other important travel documents and keep them in a safe in your hotel room in case you lose or misplace it.


Avoid The Night


Don’t travel alone at night. If you decide to travel alone at night never travel in dark and quiet areas. Make sure you take a taxi to where ever you are decide to go, make sure you are drop off at the front door.


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