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5 Places for Singles to Hang Out Valentine’s Day

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5 Places for Singles to Hang Out Valentine’s Day

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5 Places for Singles to Hang Out Valentine’s Day

Okay so you’re single.  Maybe by choice maybe not but the reality is that you have no one to exchange CVS chocolates with or take to overly inflated restaurants after handing them insanely marked-up flowers.  Boy are you missing out.  Well the beauty of it all is the fact that you can enjoy yourself carefree.  For those looking to celebrate their amnesty from relationships, we found 5 places for singles to hang out Valentine’s Day weekend.  From dating mixers to cutting some rug, Valentine’s Day weekend may actually be the best time to be single.

Mingle With the Singles

Lock & Key: The Ultimate Ice-Breaker

Feb. 13th


For all of you extroverts out there or those looking to break out of their shell,  here’s an opportunity to to mix and mingle with fellow single Philadelphians.  Maybe you’ll come away with a love connection maybe not but you’ll never know unless you take a shot.


Network. Connect. Party

Young Professionals Ball

Feb. 13th


Okay so maybe you’re not a hopeless romantic but you still want to keep an eye out for a potential suitor. Well for those with a dating checklist of young, driven with potential, you’ll want to check out this event. Held in the plush 1925 confines, the setting is perfect to potentially meet Mr. or Ms. Right.


Try Some Dirty Dancing

Salsa Caliente Valentine’s Day

Feb. 13th


Hey single people, it’s time to throw on some dancing shows and get down to the sultry sounds of salsa.  What better music to get down to on Valentine’s Day than that of the sexiest dance around.  Even if you’re a beginner, it’s okay.  Even more reason to approach that cute guy or girl and let them teach you a thing or two.


Mend Your Broken Heart

4 Play & Heartbreaks

Feb. 13th


Don’t drown your sorrows at home a alone, come out and and join this party featuring some of this generation’s biggest crooners.  Reminisce about the ex that smashed your heart into smithereens over a PBR. Just don’t get too drunk because you might wind up leaving them embarrassing voicemails.

Bash Your Ex

Feb. 14th


Everyone has that one ex that they regret.  Well now is your chance to share your story of your terrible experiences at this  “storyslam.”  There promises to be plenty of laughs, embarrassment and maybe a few tears but all-in-all it will be an experience.


Drinks & Dance

Feb. 13th


Okay so you may want to party hard this weekend and the soft cutesy stuff just isn’t your speed.  Cuba Libre is hosting a sexy singles party that will surely attract some of Philly’s hottest singles.

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