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11 Reasons Why You Should Vote For Kanye in 2020….Hear Us Out

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11 Reasons Why You Should Vote For Kanye in 2020….Hear Us Out

Kanye shocked the world the other day at the 2015 MTV VMA’s. No he didn’t bum rush the stage again but he did in classic Kanye fashion give a compelling speech to say the least.  After receiving the Vanguard Award from none other than Taylor Swift, Yeezy went on to give a cringeworthy apology for his past actions but what really made headlines was his decision to use the platform and declare he would be running for president in 2020.  While everyone had their hands over their heads to process what exactly just transpired, Ye’ dropped the mic and strutted back to his entourage waiting to barrage him with high-fives like he just hit the winning shot in game 7 of the NBA finals. But it got us to thinking. What if Yeezy was president? Would it really be that bad? Well we put together the best possible reasons why Kenye would actually make a great POTUS.  So here’s our 11 reasons why you should vote for Kanye in 2020, Check it out!


F%ck a Teleprompter, The Man Speaks His Mind


Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

Aren’t you tired of the same ole’ same ole’ speeches?  How many times were you in the middle of watching you’re favorite show only to be interrupted by a State of the Union Address, which is just a masterfully written speech to appease the masses.  If you’re going to interrupt anything I’m watching  at least make it more entertaining.  We feel Kanye would do just that.  Can you imagine the speeches he will give at ceremonies while president? Trust me you’d want to DVR all his presidential speeches, heck they might even be on Netflix.


 You Gotta’ Give it to Him, He’s Creative as Hell


The man’s a genius.  Say what you want about his opportunistic media whorage, the man can flat out create.  Do we really need more lawyers and career politicians in the White House? It’s time for free thinkers and artists to show they can lead this country.  Why not Yeezus?  The man came from nothing.  Did you not listen to his story on “Last Call?” the man was flat broke putting Ikea beds together now he can own a damn store.  Not only is he gifted in music but he’s pretty damn business savvy as well.


For the First Time The Presidency Will be Fully Transparent, Because it Will be a Reality Show


That’s right no more whispers and conspiracy theories because everything will be broadcasted on President Yeezy’s new reality show on CSPAN.  Americans…..scratch that, the world would be able to tune in and witness first hand what life is like as President Yeezy.  We’ll all tune in and watch Yeezy’s babies running a muck while First Lady Kim K. sunbathes in the front yard topless (because that would be Kanye’s first order of business to make topless bathing legal).  Just think of all the unintentional comedy and entertainment to be had? He’s got my vote.


He’d Literally Paint the White House Black


George Clinton sang about it and Kanye would be about it.  We can already picture the painter trucks pulling up to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with hundreds of gallons of Valspar’s best paint ready to put a full day’s work in.  Before your head explodes remember it’s only cosmetic, it can always be restored to white, maybe it’s time for a little makeover.  We’re all for this move.


He’s a Family Man



Say what you want about Yeezus but one thing you can’t call him is a dead beat dad or terrible husband.  By all accounts Ye is a stand-up family man which is an important quality to have in order to be leader of the free world.  Plenty of crazy stories and rumors have been flying in and around the Kardashian clan but none swirl around infidelities or abuse.  We have a feeling we don’t have to worry about any hanky panky with interns or famous blond actresses.


He’s Not Afraid to Butt In


Many administrations have been criticized for being too soft including Obama’s.  Whether it’s to stand up for defenseless nations or being the world’s fashion police, Kanye would have no qualms bogarting any stage to let the world know how he feels about a situation. If he had no hesitation to verbally strip an award from America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift, the world’s leaders don’t stand a chance. We’re also sure that whoever wins a Nobel Peace Prize better just forward the award to Beyonce or there will be consequences and repercussions.


 He’d Be the Swaggiest World Leader of All-Time


I mean Obama has gotten a lot of “cool points” for remarks and his swag per se but he couldn’t hold a candle to Yeezy if he took office.  The whole staff would be Louis Vuitton’d out.  Karl Lagerfeld would probably become the Secretary of Defense policing the world’s fashion, Michael Kors would assume the role Secretary of State and provide watches and handbags to everyone as a stimulus package.  America would be so fashion forward and stylish it wouldn’t even matter how deep into debt we are.  We’d just do more retail therapy to feel better about ourselves.


Music is a Universal Language and Kanye Speaks it Fluently


Kanye may only officially know two languages, English and Cockyneese, but he is a master at music.  He can rock out in Japan, Germany or the Middle East and although the fans may not even know what he is saying, they will dance to his music.  Now that’s power and influence.  Imagine if a conflict broke out in a 3rd world country or if the word’s super powers started posturing for power, Yeezus would just have to construct a stage and run through his catalog and all will be right with the world.


Presidential Yeezys Will Boost the GDP


Not since Jordan has a man influenced the sneaker culture like this man.  He could drop a $180 dollar pair of kicks that can be resold for $1000+.  So what does this have to do with being a president? Well if this man can put out a product and the value more than quadruples we can only imagine what would happen if he was able to produce more things like a Yeezy cars, Yeezy steel or Yeezy computers.  Just like how kids will camp out for weeks to get their hands on his kicks, they may do the same for whatever he puts out.  Now that’s the power of Yeezy commerce. Also it would be cool to see kids camped out around the White House waiting for the new Presidential Yeezys to drop.


He’s Still Signed to Roc-A-Fella So Jay is Still Calling the Shots


Okay maybe you’re still not sold on Kanye’s business inclination.  We get it, he’s a little emotionally unstable and bad things happen when you act on emotion. Good thing Kanye is technically still Jay’s employee.  Hey who else besides Dr. Dre is really making power business moves in the industry? I think we would all sleep a little more comfortably at night knowing Jay is pushing the buttons behind the scenes. So no matter how much Kanye gets out of pocket, Jigga is there to bring him back to reality.


Kanye Cares About Black People


It was about 10 years ago since Kanye shocked the world and showed just how outspoken he could be when he blurted out “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people.”  Since then Ye’ has been riding the wave of shocking soundbite after soundbite.  As president, Kanye will be able to show the world what it means to embrace the African American community. We’re not sure exactly how he plans to do this but we just hope that an up and coming country music star doesn’t get on national TV to declare that Kanye doesn’t care about White people.

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