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5 BBQ Rules You Should Follow This Labor Day Weekend

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5 BBQ Rules You Should Follow This Labor Day Weekend

Okay so you finally got that invite you’ve been waiting for since Memorial Day, the BBQ invite A friend has been gracious enough to request your presence at a backyard BBQ and the thought of pigging out on burgers, dogs, and sides has you salivating already. However, like with any get-together there is proper etiquette guests must follow. You can’t just simply show up and expect to have the time of your life. Well I mean technically you can but rest assured that might be the last invite you will receive.

In an effort to not only make sure you and the host have a great time as well as increase the chances of your inbox being flooded with future BBQ shindigs, we put together a list of 5 Rules You Must Follow When Attending a BBQ. Now there are other “unwritten rules” out there but these 5 lay the perfect foundation for being a great guest.


Do Not Invite Others Without The Host’s Permission

Wedding Crashers

There might be a time where you are invited to a BBQ and the host may be the only person you know that will be there. We get it you don’t want to feel lonely. Well rolling solo is part of being a big boy/girl. So suck it up, be confident and learn how to work a room. You never know what cool and interesting people you might meet. If you feel you MUST bring a guest, make sure you clear it with the host first. There is nothing less classy than showing up with a bunch of uninvited people to a BBQ. Not only does it make things awkward, the host my have bought just enough food for the original headcount. So poor Sally who was invited and brought the bomb potato salad won’t be able to eat a burger because your boys decided to play J. Wellington Wimpy.


Don’t Show Up Empty Handed/Be Original


Just don’t be that person. Usually hosts take a running count on how many guests are attending and what each guest plans to bring. If you have not committed to a dish or simply can’t decide, contact the host and see what isn’t on the list. Try and be creative, if you know 3 people are bringing potato salad there’s no need for a variation of potato salad, think outside the box. A good way to do so is visit recipe sites especially healthy living recipe pages where you can learn to make awesome side dishes that are both tasty and healthy. Not only does it show you are creative but also thoughtful. This pretty much writes your ticket to future BBQs. Besides you will learn how to make dishes for your own guests when you have others over for dinner.


If You Bring It, Leave It


So maybe you went all out and brought several racks of ribs or a tub of your grandmother’s homemade macaroni salad and the party is winding down and you notice there is plenty leftover of the items you brought. Stay classy. Leave your items for the host. Being a host is hard work they deserve to keep as much leftovers as they wish. If they want their fridge to look like the day after Thanksgiving then so be it. Unless you get clearance from the host to take a plate home with you, do not take the initiative to start packing things up especially the food you brought. It’s tacky as can be and will be duly noted by the host which will gratefully diminish your chances of being invited again. So just leave the goods.


Stay Out Of The Way


By this we mean, stay out of the way of the cook. Not everyone grills the same or uses the technique that’s been passed down in your family grill master lineage. So if you see the host is working the grill and may not by flipping burgers at a time you deem correct, don’t take it upon yourself to make a bee line to the grill and proceed to give a flipping tutorial. If he or she wanted a speech they would apply at the local fast food joint. Unless you see that the “grill master” is a complete disaster and food is coming out Sahara dry, let them be. It’s hard enough hosting and throwing a party the last thing they need on a 90 degree day is someone breathing down their neck barking orders.


Secure Transportation Home Before You Get There

passed out

9 times out of 10 you will be drinking at a BBQ, I mean hey that’s kind of the whole point. We get together get nice and tipsy and enjoy great food. But nothing sobers a host up faster than having to worry about irresponsible guests not having a way home. Not only does it place a further burden on the host that is trying to clean the tornado like aftermath in their backyard, they have to worry about taking your drunk butt home. This would also put other guests in an awkward position because they were not planning to drive across town to drop you off before heading home. If you get dropped off or if you know the person who brought you has to leave early make sure you work out the logistics before hand. Have Uber money on hand or arrange a pickup from a friend. Leftovers from a BBQ is a great bargaining chip if you are trying to arrange a ride so that can always work in your favor.


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