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10 Reasons Why Thanksgiving is the Best Holiday of the Year

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10 Reasons Why Thanksgiving is the Best Holiday of the Year

10 Reasons Why Thanksgiving is the Best Holiday of the Year

10 Reasons Why Thanksgiving is the Best Holiday of the Year

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and for many that means it’s time to load up on calories and carbs.  Okay, well although Thanksgiving is celebrated with food, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other things that make the holiday great.  Sure Christmas is the grandaddy of all holidays but turkey day deserves more shine.  In fact, we dare to say that it is in fact the best holiday of the year.  Don’t think so?  Well check out our 10 reasons why Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year and judge for yourself.

You Can Learn Your Way Around the Kitchen

If you’re a novice cook, Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to learn a thing or two.  It’s the one time where it’s not weird to linger around the kitchen.  Besides, whoever is throwing down in the kitchen often times needs some help so take full advantage.  Maybe learning how to prep and cook a whole turkey may be a bit much but maybe you can learn how to make some greats sides like potato salad, mac n’ cheese or even some deserts.  The skills you learn on turkey day can carry over to the rest of the year.



It’s Not About the Money

 photo black-friday-shoppers_zpsqpeze3be.gif

The only shopping list you’ll have to worry about is the one you’ll use at the grocery store.   There’s no having to fight for parking spots in crowded malls or stressing over finding a great gift or even worse trying to find a way to scrounge of money for a decent gift when you’re flat broke.  There’s enough holidays on the calendar i geared towards stimulating the economy.  The only thing you have to stimulate on Thanksgiving is your appetite.


You’re Actually Eating at the Table

 photo scream-turkey-scene_zpspfkuk4sc.gif

Whether it’s take out or home cooked it seems like the natural reaction is to take your food into the living room and grub while you watch TV. This usually doesn’t fly during Thanksgiving. It’s the one time where it doesn’t feel weird to sit at the table no matter how big or small the group is.  This makes it the best time to disconnect from the internet and connect with your friends and loved ones.


It’s the Best Time to Reach Out to Distant Friends & Family

 photo phone-call_zpsrxvuulnj.gif

It’s the time to be thankful right? It’s so cliche but there’s no better way to tell someone you appreciate them more than telling them yourself.  Face to face may be out of the question but a simple call will do (save the texting for the teenagers).  We get so caught up in our social media that we almost forget how to actually be social.


Thanksgiving Eve is the Biggest Party Night of the Year

 photo dancing_zpsntru5wrb.gif

What better way to usher in a holiday than to party it up.  No matter your age this is the perfect time to live a little. You don’t have to get up early unless you’re on kitchen duty but then again the best Turkeys were cooked while hungover (made up stat).


It’s Fall’s Last Hoorah

 photo fall_zps8xz79x4n.gif

During the fall you have great events and holidays such as Halloween, Oktoberfest not to mention all four major sports happening simultaneously.  Thanksgiving is sort of like fall’s weekend and winter is like Monday.  So enjoy it because not long after Thanksgiving winter is in full effect.


The Traveling

 photo driving_zpswl7jmzxv.gif

Yea we know the roads are congested, rates are sky high and patience is at an all-time low.  However, if you really stop and take it all in, the migration of travelers to their loved ones is what it’s all about.  From the college student attending school far from home to the solider stationed overseas to aging parents visiting their kids that flew the coupe, the overall vibe is pretty special.



 photo rooting_zpsuc8gwerr.gif

This needs no explanation.


The Leftovers!

 photo raiding-fridge_zpsa8uaqvhi.gif

What do you know about creeping into the kitchen 4 am Friday morning and fumbling through aluminum foil covered dishes and making the ultimate turkey and stuffing sandwich.  Sooo good you don’t even bother sitting down, you just scarf it all down at the kitchen counter.  Not only does it taste remarkably better in the twilight hours it also makes a slamming brunch.


Anybody from Any Religion Can Celebrate

 photo kumbaya_zpsrsbucp0f.gif

Just about every other Holiday is tied into religion in some facet or form.  Okay you do give thanks on Thanksgiving which usually means saying a prayer but it’s not relegated to any one religion.  We’re celebrating murica’ and all its glory here.

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