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How to Throw the Perfect Friendsgiving!

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How to Throw the Perfect Friendsgiving!

How to Throw the Perfect Friendsgiving!

How to Throw the Perfect Friendsgiving!

I can’t exactly pinpoint the day it was conceived but somewhere in the last decade or so Friendsgiving started become more and more of a poplar event amongst young adults.  It could’ve started with transplants looking to show appreciation to new found friends, college students who didn’t make it home for the holidays or just good ol’ fashion appreciation. Whatever the case may be, it’s a time where friends who’ve become family can get together and share old stories and create new memories.  For those looking to host your own Friendsgiving dinner, we put together a quick list of things you should do in order to make your Friendsgiving a hit.


Host is Responsible for the Bird


So essentially this is like a potluck among friends but the hosts can make or break this occasion.  It’s customary that the host prep and cook the turkey that will be served.  No cutting corners here because guests will know if you copped out and tried to sneak a Boston Market turkey into the fray.  Yes, it will take a lengthy amount of man hours but the turkey is the cornerstone of the meal.  No pressure on anyone that is hosting but don’t fuck this up or it might turn into Foesgiving.


Coordinate Your Sides


You know that one aunt that always come through in a clutch with the potato salad? Yea well she’s not showing up to this shindig.  You see with the official Thanksgiving everyone has a specific role and it’s pretty much premeditated.  Therefore you should be treating Friendsgiving the same.  Assign sides, desserts and etc. ahead of time.  Nothing would be worse than having to plow through turkey and like 6 variations of mac n’ cheese.


Alcohol.  The More the Merrier


Alcohol always makes any occasion that much more enjoyable.  This is no exception.  This is the once a year “sophisticated house parties”  So there should be no keg stands or drinking to you black out. Friendsgiving is a time to get toasty and enjoy the company of friends that my otherwise not get to see as often as you like.  Just like with a cookout, be sure to let guests know that if their not bringing dishes to the party, they should be bringing dranks.  For added fun, drinking games are always encouraged.


Break Out the Games


Typically what happens after a Thanksgiving meal, everyone plops down on the sofas to watch the game or gaze at the TV while trying to digest the buffet they just consumed.  There will be non of this at Friendsgiving.  Make sure party games are readily available.  Crowd favorites such as Taboo, Jenga and Cards Against Humanity are a sure fire hits.  This get-to-gether is about interacting and engaging friends.   Yes, it’s cool to Snapchat or post pics to IG but let’s try to stay off our phones and live in the moment.  The last thing you want to see at Friendsgiving is everyone staring into their smartphones.  For all of that, you coulda’ just had Friendsgiving over Google Hangout.


Prep Your Playlist


Personally I am a Pandora guy when it comes to providing ambient music.  If you plan on doing the same pick a station that is diversified as your guests.  It’s probably not the best if Gucci Mane is rapping about throwing cash at strippers while you’re saying grace.  Invest in a docking station for your phone, if this is not an option then a music station on your TV is a good backup plan.


BYOT (Bring Your Own Tupperware)


There’s a high likelihood that there will be leftovers.  However, unless you are okay with departing with your plasticware, encourage guests to bring their own.  No one wants to hunt down their friends to get their tupperware back like it’s money they owe you.  As an alternative you can go the classic cookout style and just have extra paper plates and aluminum foil on hand for take home platters.


Keep this Invite Only


Probably not the smartest idea to make a Facebook event or post a public status about your Friendsgiving.  The last thing you want is to have enough food for 15 and 30 people show up.  Know your headcount so that you can plan and cook accordingly.  If guests want to bring a friend or a date make sure they inform you ahead of time.  If you’re looking to have a large Friendsgiving dinner make sure you have the space to accommodate as well.  No one wants to eat standing up or have to wait a long time to use the restroom.  Best advice is to keep it small and intimate where everyone can enjoy it comfortably.  Otherwise your kitchen will look like a 1930’s soup kitchen.


It’s All in the Details


There’s nothing wrong with keeping the dinner basic with food, music and alcohol.  For those looking to take it to another level, do things such as E-vites or personal invitations, custom cakes, maybe even place old photos of friends around the home.  If you weren’t really around for the whole developing photo era you can use a USB drive or Apple TV to beam a photo/slide show on the TV with embarrassing old photos.  If you really want to take it to the next level get a custom Snapchat filter guests can use, they are fairly cheap to get.  Friends are like family for most so make it a memorable event.

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