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Where to Find The Best Wings in Philly

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Where to Find The Best Wings in Philly

Where to Find The Best Wings in Philly

With Wing Bowl and the Super Bowl on the horizon, wings are going to be on everyone’s mind.  However, before you just blindly rush to your nearest bar and order wings, stop and think things over.  If you’re really going to pig out on some wings, why not do it with the best in town?  From classic hot wings to Thai Chilli Wings and just about every flavor in-between we put together a list of 12 (as in a dozen wings) of our favorite spots to indulge in some mouth watering wings.  Here’s our list of where to find the best wings in Philly.

N. 3rd

801 N 3rd St.

Image via bigbiteblog.wordpress.com

Image via bigbiteblog.wordpress.com

Okay let’s just get this one out of the way.  This is one of those spots where foodies check to make sure it’s on the list dubbed best wings in Philly.  The house wings are are fantastic but the Thai wings here will change yo’ life! I fell in love with these wings 10 years ago and every time I have them it’s like the first day we met.  If you haven’t tried them yet, well as DJ Khaled would say “Don’t play yo’ self.”

Alla Spina

1410 Mt Vernon St.


Foodandwine.com named these bad boys the best wings in the U.S.  Yes, rub your eyes and re-read that.  We’re talking nationally recognized wings here.  Marc Vetri created this recipe so that alone tells you everything you need to know about taste.  If you haven’t gotten your hands on these Italian wings then we suggest you make a detour to Fairmount ASAP.

Varga Bar

941 Spruce St.


Making our list of the best wings in Philly is a small bar with big flavor. This one may have came out of nowhere for many but this low key spot in Washington Square West is serving up some finger licking classic wings.  Their pin-up girl things may make things even a little more hotter here.  No worries you can wash these tasty wings with one of the many craft beers served here.


Cheu Noodle Bar

255 S 10th St.

Image via Bostonbesteats X

Image via Bostonbesteats X YELP

This name may sound familiar being that they made our best soups in Philly list. Guess these guys know what they’re doing over here.  The wings making noise over here are the Black Garlic Wings garnished with Shishito pepper giving maximum flavor for these wings.  Warning these can be very addictive.


Byrne’s Tavern

3301 Richmond St.


The pride of Port Richmond, these wings are a staple for the neighborhood and can go toe-to-toe with any wings in the city.  If Fishtown is as far north as you normally go then these wings will definitely make you venture just a wee bit more north.


Cafe Soho

468 W. Cheltenham Ave.


Image via Jeudy T. YELP

Philly’s best kept secret, well if you’re a wing lover not really.  It’s one of those places you hear how good they are but dismiss it as hype.  Nah, these live up to the hype and then some.  Their Spicy Wings of stuff of legends, packing tons of flavor.  Perhaps the best wings in Philly ? We’ll let you decide.


Bonchon Chicken

1020 Cherry St.


Yea, yea we know it’s a chain restaurant and although we shy away from spotlighting chains there is no denying the awesomeness of these wings, particularly the Garlic Soy Wings.  Located in the heart of Chinatown this place should be on every wing lover’s bucket list.



1116 Walnut St.

Image via Peter N. YELP

Image via Peter N. YELP

The Liberty Bell, “Rocky Steps”, and Pat’s & Geno’s are Philly staples.  You can add Moriarty’s wings to that list.  When it comes to the best wings in Philly, Moriarty’s wings are iconic.  For over 30 years this place has been churning out colossal size wings that have made every one’s list of top wings around.


David’s Mai Lai Wah

1001 Race St.

Davids S&P wings

If you ever ate late night in  Center City, chances are extremely high that you’ve made a stop here for their famous Salt and Pepper Wings.  These make the list just off the sheer fact that these wings have woven themselves in the fabric of night life and great drunken nights with your friends.  Many of laughs and great times have been shared over these classic wings.


 Federal Donut

701 N. 7th St. | 1632 Sansom St. | 1219 S. 2nd St. | 3428 Sansom St.


Chicken and donuts just makes so much sense here.  Famously known for their fried chicken and donut combos, Federal Donuts put a slight spin on things and quietly started creeping up the list of best wings in Philly on many lists.  Having tried their variety of flavors, I can attest you can’t go wrong here. Trust me.


Industry Bar

1401 E Moyamensing Ave.

Image via Ren N. YELP

Image via Ren N. YELP

Pennsport’s gem, Industry Bar makes our list of best wings in Philly for their General Tso’s wings. The ultra popular Chinese delivery dish has been reinvented into a tasty pile of wings that will have you ready to eat the bone.


Andy’s Chicken

2001 Memphis

Image via Enoch T. YELP

Image via Enoch T. YELP

The new kid on the block, this Korean BBQ has had Fishtown in a tizzy since its opening last summer.  I event suspect many of those in the 19125 zip code were perusing the list to see if it made it.  Yes, this hole in the wall in the heart of Fishtown lives up to the hype.  Then again 1 spot in Fishtown is bound to pop up on virtually every food list.

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