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Our Top 5 Places to Buy Vinyls in Philly!

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Our Top 5 Places to Buy Vinyls in Philly!

Molly’s Books & Records

1010 S 9th St

(215) 923-3367

Molly’s is a small gem situated in the heart of the Italian Market.  Although you won’t find a huge variety the ambiance gives shopping for vinyls a more intimate feel.  What makes this place memorable is the fact that you can also find great books in addition to great music.  Molly’s does a great job of covering the essentials such as hip-hop and rock.  You can also find genres of music you won’t otherwise come across  in other stores, especially foreign music (which happened to be playing when we visited).  This place epitomizes what an independent shop should look like all the way down to old school registers that you’d see at a school store back in middle school.


Molly’s is a great place to find a diamond in the rough


Enjoy the sounds of a live jukebox as you peruse Molly’s eclectic collection










Philadelphia Record Exchange

1524 Frankford Ave

(215) 425-4389

Conveniently located in the heart of hipster central, this spot is spacious and has a pretty large inventory.  However, if you’re looking for hip-hop or rap this is probably not the place to be. We had a hard time finding hip-hop vinyls but they do carry a plethora of classic rock and r&b.  This is the perfect spot for music lovers with old souls.  Fans of oldies and classic music will find this place to be refreshing.  So if you are looking to bulk up your collection of rock, oldies, and r&b then make sure to swing by.


Philadelphia Record Exchange has wall to wall music, literally


Classic artists such as Sinatra are in abundance at The Philadelphia Record Exchange










 AKA Music

27 N 2nd St

(215) 922-3855

This old city establishment has has the most impressive interior and esthetic appeal.  AKA’s music boasts two rows of music that seem to go on forever.  AKA’s selection is well rounded so every genre can be found here.  What’s great about this place is the large selection of used vinyls.  So for those looking to build a collection and not have to sacrifice a meal to do so, this is definitely the place to be.

AKA music

AKA’s extensive collection will give you tunnel vision

Listen before you buy at AKA










Repo Records

538 South St

(215) 627-3775

Probably the most famous place in the city when it comes to vinyls.  Repo is a brand onto itself.  Situated on South St. where foot traffic is almost always heavy, this place has no shortage of patronage.  Repo offers two floors of musical selections.  The lower level gives a basement feel, almost like your digging for your old records you left at your parents house after you moved out.  As for the selection, it is safe to say that all bases are covered.  Every major genre and just about every notable name can be found at Repo.  This is a no brainer for those looking to add classics.

Repo Records

Repo keeps a fresh selection of new arrivals


A patron digs through the crates in Repo’s basement area










Long in the Tooth

2027 Sansom St

(215) 569-1994

This is probably our personal favorite because of the hip hop selection here.  Although they do offer a wide arrange to appeal to all musical tastes, the hip-hop selection at Long in the Tooth is second to none.  We kept getting wowed through each vinyl we flipped through.  Notable gems we were able to pick up were Jay Dilla’s “Doughnuts” & GZA’s limited edition “Liquid Swords” complete with extra artwork and a full chest set.  I mean come on it doesn’t get better than that.  This place is tucked away in a part of town that people don’t normally tend to wander through but if you are in the area it is worth dropping in.

Sansom Records 2

Long in the Tooth offers an impressive hip hop selection

long in the tooth

A patron looking for the next great vinyl at Long in the Tooth

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