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The MergeArts Event Promises to Bigger and Better Than Ever

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The MergeArts Event Promises to Bigger and Better Than Ever

MergeArts is an organization that provides a consistent event platform and small business resource for artists. We accomplish this in two ways. Our monthly events are multi-genre; with 20+ artists bringing Art, Music and Fashion into a live show. We also produce a bimonthly series of workshops and seminars which are designed to educate our creative class as small business owners and connect them with their industry professionals. IndieWorks launches in early fall 2015.

merge12On Thursday, July 30th MergeArts will produce their monthly show at Coda. Coda is a newly renovated live performance venue located in Rittenhouse Square on Walnut street between 17th and 18th street. The venue is well-suited for the dynamic production which brings live music, fashion runways and a gallery of visual artists together in an evening filled with a passion for the arts.

Doors open at 7:30 pm with the first performance at 8:00. After that it’s rock, runway, rock, runway all the way to midnight.

Highlights of this show include none other than Reuben Harley. Affectionately known to his friends and colleagues as “Big Rube”, Harley is a multi-talented artist and marketer. He is largely known for his chronicling of fashion and lifestyles in the Daily News’ “Street Gazing” and “Big Rube’s Party People. His exhibition for the MergeArts July Show includes a gallery of his photography in the visual arts section as well as a fashion runway segment for his “LipHeelè” brand. LipHeelè is driven by his vision and urban aesthetic.

Also on the runway this July is artist that wears many hats; Denise Fike. Fike’s work reaches from paintings to fashion illustration and includes metal etchings, nudes, florals and erotica. Guests of the July MergeArts show are in for a treat. Fike will bring live fashion illustration to the catwalk, creating six foot paintings in front of the crowd; with couture fashion provided by “House of Sym”. Guests will also enjoy the opportunity to have themselves immortalized as fashion illustrations.

New partner ManeStreem App will be of special interest to fans and artists in the makeup and hair industry. Locally founded, on-demand beauty servicesmerge5 app explodes onto the Philly scene with more than 350 beauticians, stylist, make-up artists, massage therapists, nail techs, estheticians and spray tanners on board. Starting August 10th, 2015 ManeStreem will be offering “First Service FREE Mondays” featuring celebrity level beauty professionals. “This technology is a true GAME CHANGER,” says ManeStreem founder Santos Gonzalez. “Professional beauty providers will finally be able to extend their reach to the general public in real-time, On-Demand fashion. Clients will now be able to receive the celebrity level treatment they deserve in the comfort of their own home, office or hotel on the precise schedule that suits them best. Instead of a simple referral, actual ratings, reviews and photos of previous work performed will help users determine the right provider (ManeStreemer) for their needs. It’s our mission to change the game and I’m glad Philly is the first city to get access this exciting offering.” ManeStreem will provide the hair and makeup artists for the runway show.

The selected artist gallery joins Harley and Fike with an impressive display of works by visual artists such as Brian Cesario, who brings an installation of large pieces whose messages can’t be ignored. Photography also has its place in this gallery, with the likes of Dan Drufovka and Meredith Edlow bringing unique perspectives to their craft. Guests will experience the work of a total of 14 artists.

Live music rounds out the evening with five bands on the Coda stage. Singer songwriters such as local favorites Shane Dodd and Giada J balance the bill with experimental band “The Band Sheep” and the genre-less sounds of “Burned Out Still Glowing”. The most recent addition to the lineup is the talented rocker, Joey DiTullio.

The combination of these artists and genres bring a unique and creative electricity to the venue. Add to that the many artists that attend as guests and you have a solid representation of the creative class of Philadelphia.

Tickets may be purchased from the artists directly, or online at MergeArts. Fashion, Music and Art. Live. Here.

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