The Foundry Will Host TGIM a Weekly 80's & 90's T.V Show Extravaganza - Wooder Ice
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The Foundry Will Host TGIM a Weekly 80’s & 90’s T.V Show Extravaganza

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The Foundry Will Host TGIM a Weekly 80’s & 90’s T.V Show Extravaganza

Kicking-off Monday December 28th, The Foundry (located inside The Fillmore) will host TGIM a weekly 80’s & 90’s T.V show extravaganza

The Awesome Fest rewinds time to showcase the big hair, loud colors, and neon grandeur of a bygone era when TV families & aliens from planet Melmac ruled the evenings. The weekly curated shows will be completely free of charge to attend.

The TGIM two hour blocks will begin at 8pm, with special curated programs of everyone’s favorite sitcoms & parading new weekly themes, including: Never before seen television pilots, painting nights with Bob Ross, sitcom intro sing-a-longs, old school wrestling matches, MacGyver gadgetry demonstrations, and much more!

But what would a night of “Must See TV” be without a pre-packaged, ready-made, single serving meal of meats, veggies, carbs, and brownies? Yep, we’ve got that covered, too! The Foundry Kitchen will be serving house made TV dinners, as well as plenty of other menu options for your retro-tastic enjoyment. Drinks will also be available at The Foundry bar where, yes, everyone will know your name.

“I’m absolutely obsessed with the 80’s & early 90’s. Kelly Bundy was my first crush, and I’ve had the PERFECT STRANGERS theme song stuck in my head for the past two decades”, said Awesome Fest founder Josh Goldbloom. “In my teenage years, I would stay up all hours of the night consuming as many re-runs of NIGHT COURT and COACH as possible. TGIF lineups on Friday nights were an institution in my family, and that is the comfort zone I wanted to re-create here. Only now, for adults. There’s a treasure chest full of endless content from that era, and I can’t wait to experience it with everyone, all over again.”

The full schedule of upcoming events & information will be posted on The Awesome Fest website:

Doors will open at 7pm, and admission to all shows are free with proof of ID. All guests must be 21 to attend. Sweatpants encouraged.

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