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The Cheapskate’s Guide to Dating in Philly on a Budget

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The Cheapskate’s Guide to Dating in Philly on a Budget

Hey we understand dating can get a little costly in the city.  Heck even something as simple as a movie date can break the bank.  We’re not even factoring gas and parking before it’s all said and done.  No wonder why “Netflix and chill” is such a huge thing now-a-days (who ever really finishes a movie at home with a date anyway).  But for those looking to get out of the house or being pressured to suggest to “do something different,” here are a few options that will not only win your mate over but also keep you from having to live off of Top Ramen until the next payday.  So for my practicing frugalologists, we present The Cheapskate’s Guide to Dating in Philly on a Budget.


Take a Bike Tour Around Town


So it’s been a while since you rode a bike.  Well they always say you never forget how to ride so test that theory out on this suggestion.  For starters you don’t have to worry about gas so boom that cost is out the window.  If you’re already on PPA’s radar then save yourself the embarrassment of a possible boot and suggest a bike ride. If you or your date do not have bikes meet up at an Indego station and take a bike tour around town.  Better yet use the service on the first Tuesday of each month for their special $1 rental promotion.  Yes, it’s a frugal solution but if you and your date enjoy site seeing, bike riding could be the perfect solution. If you really want to get sappy, plan a picnic at a park as one of your stops.  You can thank me latter.


Watch a Live Comedy Show for $5 or for Free


They always say if it’s free it’s for me. Well if you are looking to have some good laughs on your date then consider these two options.  For those looking for a free show The Raven Lounge Hosts their Philly Comedy Attic free stand-up show every Thursday.  For you big time penny pinchers, the kicker here might be the drinks.  So depending if your date drinks like a sailor,  pre-gaming might be in order. If you’re nervous of a bar tab burning a whole in your pocket then consider the $5 comedy show at The Brewery.  The money saver here is the fact that these shows are BYOB. So buy a couple of 40 ozs and let the good times roll.  Exact dates and show times can be found on their Facebook page so keep checking back.


Enjoy Free Art


It’s insane how many people live in Philadelphia but have never actually been inside the Philadelphia Museum of Art or the Art Museum as every calls it. Well if you or your date fall into this deprived group of locals than this may be a great option.  Every Sunday at the Art Museum it’s “pay as you wish.” Meaning the smallest donation gets you in the door.  If only clubs operated this way huh?  So as little as say $2 bucks you and your date can be perusing some of the worlds best and rarest art and artifacts.  If you’re looking for something outdoors to enjoy the great weather while we still have it then check out First Fridays in Old City.  Perfect event to check out talented regional artists as well as sip complimentary wine and snacks in some cases.  Hey make it an art lovers weekend and hit up First Fridays and the museum that very same weekend.


Free Outdoor Movies


What says date better than catching a flick.  But forget those traditional theaters where tickets are like $12 a pop, small popcorn is like $15 don’t get me started on the soda and pretzel bite prices.  These places will have you financing dates before long.  Instead check out free outdoor movies at various locations around the city.  To make things even easier for you, we put together an outdoor movie guide for you.  Also as a late add check out the movies showing at Clark Park in University City.  For added flare take a flask (at you’re own risk) and some snacks and you’ll have the ultimate cheapskate date.  By the way If you get caught with alcohol you never heard that suggestion from us.


Free Yoga Classes


So you finally found someone that’s into fitness just as much as you or maybe you’re just faking the funk.  Either way, Race Street Pier offers free yoga sessions.  Not only will you be saving some bank here but for the fellas you’ll get to check out your date in yoga pants so it’s a win, win.  For the ladies hey you might find him more appealing in some work out gear.  Whatever the case may be you just can’t beat free.  The view here is amazing so pack a lunch and plan on staying after class for a post-workout date with one of the best backdrops in town.


Make S’mores & Watch Shooting Stars Along the River


How freaking romantic does that title sound? I mean this is the type of date you see in romantic comedies right before the woman doesn’t appreciate the guy, dates a jerk and they reunite at the end (sorry for spoiling every romantic comedy on Netflix).  Shooting Stars and S’mores is the ideal date  and it’ll  only set you back $5 a pop, s’mores included.  Not only will your date keep thanking you for such a great time, so will your wallet.  Check out our listing for exact dates and times.


Free Pizza Anyone?

Pizza Brain 1

If this title has your attention then you better mosey on down to the Yachtsman in Fishtown and get your Ninja Turtle pizza party on.  Every Wednesday night after 9, local pizza shop favorite, Pizza Brain drops off pizzas off for the Yachtsman patrons to enjoy for the price of…on the house.  Hey we aren’t talking your run of the mill pizza here.  Pizza Brain is one of the top spots in the city, so this cheap date is worth marking on your calendars.


Shop at the Coolest Flea Market Around


Fellas it’s no secret the vast majority of women love to shop.  If you open your manhood guidebooks I am sure it’s in the first chapter.  Well if you’re a cheapskate you want to avoid the malls and boutique stores as much as possible.  Solution? Check out the Punk Rock Flea Market over at Spruce Street Harbor Park every Sunday from 11-5pm.  Check out cool and trendy things for the fraction of the price of department stores.  Yea you might end up spending a bit even with the deals, but we’re sure the memories will be priceless.

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