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The Best Places in the World to Celebrate Spring Before It’s Over

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The Best Places in the World to Celebrate Spring Before It’s Over

The Best Places in the World to Celebrate Spring Before It’s Over

Why wait until the summer to go on vacation when you can have a spring fling. There are plenty of reasons why you should take the time off and experience some of the best spring festivals and celebrations around the world. From the Cherry Blossoms Tree Festival in Oaska, Japan to the three week beer fest in Munich, Germany. Why not go somewhere awesome to see the changing of this beautiful season.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of fun filled adventures waiting for you. Because spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s have some fun and fling.

Miami, FL


Why you should go: To hit up Ultra and meet some cool new friends.

During the Spring, Miami has an abundance of flings to get into. With the temperatures just prefect for outdoor activities,  Miami is home of Ultra which is the biggest EMD festival going on at this time of year. With big headlines such as David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Afrojack just to name a few. You will be rolling around and dancing your shirts off (No literally you will) to pretty much endless music from the time the festival begins. The last thing you need is to dehydrate. So make sure you drink and bring plenty of water. This will keep you cool and on fire to party the festival away.

US Virgin Islands


Why you should go: To visit this hidden gem of the US that doesn’t require a passport.

Spring is the prefect time to book a trip to the Caribbeans. This is the best time because you are avoiding the tourist high season and getting caught up in a hurricane. And the best thing about it, you don’t need a passport to travel here. The Virgin Islands offers pretty much everything you need for a paradise fling getaway. From white sand beaches, water sports and great caribbean food you might as well take advantage of this underrated part of the US.

Munich, Germany


Why you should go: To explore the beer lover in you.

Oktoberfests gets all the credit to travel to Munich in the fall, but the real deal actually happens during the spring. In the beginning of spring, Munich throws a three week beer fest called, Starkbierzeit. Which means Strong Beer Time. This trip is for the most beer loving travelers. You can explore the beautiful sights of Munich while exploring your taste buds to the lovely local beer. Make sure while you drink you eat. You want to enjoy your trip. So get fat and not tipsy.

Oaska, Japan


Why you should go: To see the sights of the most beautiful cherry blossoms in the world. And of course to drink some sake while your at it.

Sure you can go to our nations capital, Washington, DC to look at some cherry blossoms, but the Japanese take the cherry from the cake for the blossoming forecast. It is tradition in Japan to gaze and enjoy the cherry blossoms. This tradition is called hanami. It basically means you hang out with family and friends, admire the cherry blossoms and drinking sake. What’s really unique about it, the Japanese have a blossoming forecast in which they predict when the trees will bloom.

Cartagena, Colombia


Why you should go: To party on a Wednesday like it’s a Saturday night.

Not many people know that Cartagena, Colombia is know for having the best parties on hump day. Surprisingly, Wednesday is the biggest party night of the week. Many people gather in the Getsemani neighborhood where the hotels are cheap and the bars are in abundance. You can walk for blocks bar hopping place to place. You can also hop on a Chiva bus with your drink for a city tour. It’s not the safest thing to do but it can be pretty entertaining.

Where are you headed to have your spring fling? Hashtag #travelscoop and join the conversation on social media.

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