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Places to Avoid on Valentine’s Day for Singles

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Places to Avoid on Valentine’s Day for Singles

Places to Avoid on Valentine’s Day for Singles

Not everyone is looking forward to Valentine’s Day. Especially those who are single. Those who are single try to avoid the festivities of the romantic holiday by staying away from all that mushy stuff. From tv commercials advertising the holiday, stores having Valentine’s deals and restaurants displaying there Valentine’s dinner, it seems almost impossible to escape from the lover birds holiday. The key strategy from avoiding the holiday is planning ahead. So if you’re single and not in the mood for cupid to strike it’s arrow this Valentine’s Day, then have no worries. Here is a list of places to avoid on Valentine’s Day and where to go and what to do.


Place To Avoid: Resorts To a Tropical Destination

Reason: Sure all-inclusive are a great package deal to getaway but it’s also a great place for couples to get a package for two with a romantic champagne toast to begin their trip while your taking a shot tequila or rum, which ever one you prefer to get your mind off the holiday. Get it.

Where To Go: You need to go somewhere that is a “fun all inclusive” and not an all inclusive. So instead of going to somewhere tropical, how about somewhere hot for singles like Vegas or Miami, where there is nothing but singles trying to have fun and be free.


Place To Avoid: Candlelit Restaurants 

Photo credit: suzettesuzette via / CC BY

Photo credit: suzettesuzette via / CC BY

Reason: If your at a romantic restaurant alone or with a friend, it’s not an ideal place to be because it’s such an intimate setting from the darkness of the room and the candles being lit. And for some couple it’s the perfect place to get engaged.

Where To Go: If you are single you should go somewhere fun that has bright lighting and loud entertainment such as; Dave & Busters, a nightclub or bar to place you in an upbeat vibe.


Place To Avoid: Hallmark 

Photo credit: bargainmoose via / CC BY

Photo credit: bargainmoose via / CC BY

Reason: Around this time of year, Hallmark is selling rows of mushy Valentine’s Day cards, teddy bears, boxes of chocolates and whatever else they can think of that they can sell of the lover’s holidays.

Where To Go: If you need to buy a card or a small gift, try going to Barnes & Nobles. It’s more of a relax and cozy setting without the stuffiness of the V- Day gift ideas.


Place To Avoid: Movie Theaters

Photo credit: BOMBMAN via / CC BY

Photo credit: BOMBMAN via / CC BY

Reason: Movie theaters are a perfect cheap intimate setting for couples to get closer and comfortable. You don’t want to be the lonely one all the way in back of the movie theater crying your eyes out with your extra large popcorn and soda. And no one to cuddle with. Do you?

Where To Go: Go to anywhere that there is live event like a concert or a sports game.


Place To Avoid: Wineries

Photo credit: jimg944 via / CC BY

Photo credit: jimg944 via / CC BY

Reason: When you think of Valentines’ Day you think of dinner for two with wine. A lot of couples enjoy going to wineries for tours, wine tasting and pairing. You don’t want to be the lonely not wine tasting but buying whole bottle and drinking the entire bottle during the tour.

Where To Go: Instead of a winery; how about going to a local brewery and craft beer tasting. The atmosphere is much more lively and fun and not so formal.

By following these simple steps to avoid Valentine’s Day and going to places that our suggested on this list, will help you enjoy having the most enjoyable Valentines’ Day while single.

What are some of the places you like to avoid during Valentine’s Day and go to? Hashtag #travelscoop and join the conversation on social media. 

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