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Summer Love, Best Pocket Friendly Places For a First Date in Philly This Summer

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Summer Love, Best Pocket Friendly Places For a First Date in Philly This Summer

Summer Love, Best Pocket Friendly Places For a First Date in Philly This Summer

So you just met a guy or girl or finally had the cajones to ask that special someone out.  Okay, now before you let the adrenaline take over and you start making bad decisions, gather your composure and think this through.  Unless you’re just loaded and like to toss cash around like Ted Dibiase, you’re first date should be low-key with minimal spending. Why? Well for starters if you set the bar too high it’s going to be difficult to keep outdoing yourself.  Secondly why squander money on someone that may not even text you the next day.  Play it safe by playing it cheap.  This is where we come in.  We bypassed the bars, restaurants and other first date money traps and put together a list of spots that won’t result in overdraft fees.  To make it even sweeter we made sure all of our options were outdoors to take advantage of the weather.  The result is our Best Pocket Friendly Places For a Fist Date in Philly This Summer.  Good luck penny pinchers!


Outdoor Movies


They’re free, they’re fun and they are happening all over the place.  During the summer months many of Philly’s parks and open spaces including Penn’s Landing and the Schuylkill Banks transform into outdoor theaters and the movie line-ups are pretty dope.  Yea, you’re not going to see the newest blockbuster but we’re pretty confident you’ll find some classic flicks you haven’t seen yet.  Bottom line is these movies are pocket friendly especially without having to buy $20 popcorn and it’s the perfect way to enjoy summer nights with someone you’re feeling.


Shofuso Japanese House and Garden


Probably one of the most slept on gems in the city.  Many people know about it but not everyone has actually gone to check it out and take in the beautiful sights. This place is like a serene oasis in the middle of the city.  This is a low maintenance date.   His or her Tinder profile says they love long walks, well here’s the perfect spot for a stroll.  Plenty to talk about here and it’s pretty damn romantic.  Chances are slim your date was taken here on an actual date so let this be the firsts of many things (just keep checking back with us we got you).


Chinese Lantern Festival

foto Fred Ernst

foto Fred Ernst

Having already seen several pics of couples  at this spot popping-up  on my timeline, I knew it had to make the list.  It’s romantic without being overly corny and it’s probably the most visually stimulating thing you’ll see in the city.  Perfect place to snap some cool pics, stroll the park and chit chat.  Afterwards hit the greens at the Franklin Square mini-golf.  If you’re smart you’ll put a friendly wager down for the game (hint hint).


Pop-Up Beer Garden


Here you have plenty of choices.  This summer the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) will be operating a couple of pop-up beer gardens, there will also be a mobile beer garden.  Not only will you and your date enjoy the summer nights (or day date if you want to be friend zoned)  but you’ll also get to experience parks in a new way.  The new railroad beer garden will definitely be one to check out and an impressive spot to take a first date rather than your run-of-the-mill bars.


Free Outdoor Concerts


Check our events page or just keep your eyes peeled.  During the summer months many neighborhood parks put on live music to enjoy.  Penn’s Landing hosts a jazz concert series for those looking for some toe tapping groovy tunes.  Don’t smirk because jazz is pretty damn good live and has the best date ambiance.  Other spots to check out include the P.M @ Penn Museum where they will host every type of artist from Latino funk, to orchestras and more.  Very pocket friendly and thoughtful. Your date will appreciate how you planned a night out instead of just winging it.


Picnic at the Waterworks


via Fairmount Water Works Facebook

Everyone is so fascinated with running up the “Rocky Steps” at the museum that the back of the museum gets overlooked.  Crowds of bikers, runners and occasional families are seen roaming around the Fairmount Water Works but for a first date this may be a pretty damn great place to find some green grace and throw an old fashion picnic. The scenery is cool and it’s nice to enjoy a good meal outside of the hustle and bustle of a restaurant.


Take a Hike


If it’s your first date and you aren’t giving off any serial killer vibes, then your date may trust you a enough to take a nice little hike or bike ride through many of the great trails in Philly. If you both love the granola bar active and healthy lifestyle then pack-up some trailmix and and enjoy some nature.  Here’s a few pros and cons of each trail.


Moonlight Kayak Tour


Okay this one will cost you a bit but if you’re reaaallly tryna’ woo someone, this is a great way to do it.  The Schuylkill Banks offer moonlight kayak tours for $47 per person.  Yes, I know this is a little steep but this for for all of ya’ll going on a date with someone you’ve been after for a while or somehow escaped from the deadest depths of the friend zone.  Hey, you might spend that much eating out or whatever, so why not consider it a cool option.


Peruse the Flea Markets


What says pocket friendly (or cheap whatever you prefer) than a flea market.  Okay we’re not talking junky yard sales but rather some pretty cool flea markets where you can pick up some cool stuff.  Take a date out and peruse the isles, go hunting for vinyls at Punk Rock flea market or cool knick-knacks at Franklin Flea Market.  Make an adventure out of it.  See who can find the weirdest item or exchange the coolest gift under $10.  Whatever just mix it up and have fun.  You can seriously spend a whole day at one of these spots.


If All Else Fails You Always Have The Waterfront


Not feeling too creative or just want a safe bet.  Well, there’s always Penn’s Landing.  Spruce St. Harbor Park is always a solid choice with the hammocks, games, entertainment and bustling vibe.  Further down the Blue Cross RiverRink is a great place to tap into your inner child and skate.  Food down there can get a little pricey but the money you save by just chilling in the park you can splurge on some Jose Garces food items or some Federal Donut grub.  Honestly it’s a dope spot to just be in period.

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