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Save Moola at Restaurants With Spotluck, Philly’s Newest Dining App



Save Moola at Restaurants With Spotluck, Philly’s Newest Dining App

Save Moola at Restaurants With Spotluck, Philly’s Newest Dining App

We’ve all been there.  “What do you want to eat?”  Perhaps this question got tossed around between a couple, family members, friends or perhaps talking to yourself.  In Philadelphia the choices are virtually limitless. In fact the daunting task of finding a place to satisfy your cravings may actually take longer than the time it takes to actually eat your meal.  For years there’s been apps out there that have helped to alleviate this dilemma.  However, what if I told you there was an app that not only found you a restaurant but also gave you a discount? Well Philly’s newest dining app, Spotluck is hoping hungry Philadelphians will take a gamble.

In an almost Wheel of Fortune’esque type feature, Spotluck lets users spin a virtual wheel and the intuitive app picks a local restaurant then gives a discount.  Philadelphia’s thriving food scene also means tons of competition.  Restaurant manager, marketers and PR firms have been creating clever ways to draw customers but it seems Spotluck will be a feature that everyone will benefit from.  Users get to explore and enjoy new restaurants at a discounted price and restaurants get to put butts in seats. It’s a win win.

Spotluck’s Backstory


Sounds intriguing?  So is the backstory for this serendipitous invention.  Co-founder and CEO Cherian Thomas created the framework as a thesis while attending Georgetown University.  Soon after his colleague Brad Sayler who has a background in corporate law was on board to make a college creation into a national sensation.  The tech duo quit their jobs, threw their savings into Spotluck and hoped for the best while dining on Raman noodles. As it turns out their game of chance paid off dividends. Spotluck is now the #1 dinning app on iTunes and users are cashing in on their rewards nationwide.  Check out our exclusive interview with Ceo  and Co-Founder Cherian Thomas to get the scoop on this game changing app!



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