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Pickledelphia is the City’s First Ever Pickle Festival and It’s Breaking The Internet!


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Pickledelphia is the City’s First Ever Pickle Festival and It’s Breaking The Internet!

Pickledelphia is the City’s First Ever Pickle Festival and It’s Breaking The Internet!

Pickledelphia is the City’s First Ever Pickle Festival and It’s Breaking The Internet!


Who would have thought that a food normally relegated to a topping could stir up such a fuss on social media?  Apparently people really love pickles.  Well, more like over 45,000 folks are trying to get find the dill on this pickle fest and the numbers on Pickledelphia’s event page on Facebook continues to climb. Currently the largest food festival trending on social media, this event seems to grow every time I visit the page.
Pickledelphia will take place at The Piazza at Schmidt’s Commons on September 9th from 1-6pm.  We’re not exactly sure what the capacity of the Piazza is but it looks like it will be jammed packed. This pickle festival has even beaten out every cheesesteak, pizza and taco festival the city has ever held!  Who woulda’ thought Philly loved pickles so damn much?
The brainchild of Digital Force Agency’s Michael Wink and Kevin Baxter, the duo set out to create a unique event and eventually drummed up the cult-like following of the pickle.


Along with an assortment of pickles, Pickledelphia will also feature a stage with live entertainment sponsored by SuckerPunch Gourmet Pickles. The entire event will be MC’d by Christopher Bruce of Bruce Productions and will showcase several bands including
  • My Hero Zero(cover top 40)- opener
  • Shot of Southern (modern country) headliner
  • Acoustic music (tba)
Okay so what’s really the dill with the pickle fest? Well, for pickle lovers, SuckerPunch is hosting a pickle eating contest.  If that doesn’t fill you up there will be over a dozen pickle vendors including:
  • 18-Hampton Farms
  • Crisp & Co
  • Brine Street Picklery*
  • The Philadelphia Pickle Co
  • Kilahney’s Pickles
  • Jersey Pickles
  • Backyard Brine
  • Conover Organic Farm*
  • Epic Pickles!*
  • Sucker Punch Gourmet*
  • Zayda’s Pickles
  • Brine Brothers
  • Twisted Pickles
  • More to be announced!

Pickle Drinks

If pickle craving still isn’t satisfied, The Urban Village will be posted up with a beer garden that will serve exclusive pickle beer especially made for this event!  Other pickle inspired menu items will include  “Pickle Back Experience” by Jameson Irish Whiskey and Brine Brothers that will feature pickle back shots with your choice of Bread and Butter, Darn Good Dill or Chili Cherry Fire Brine as well as a Bloody Mary Bar By Smithworks Vodka and Brine Street Picklery.

Pickle Foods

Aside from eating pickles straight up, several local and regional restaurants will be serving up pickle dishes including:

  • Hikori (Asain fried Pickles and Pickle Fries)
  • Chocomo Cookie Cups
  • Scoop De’ville (dill pickle Icecream)
  • The Milk House(pickle bacon grill cheese, pretzel wrapped hot dog,  pretzel pickle kabob )
  • Fuel (pickle inspired smoothies)
  • Gunners Run (Fried Pickles)
  • UrbanVillage (Pickle Pizza)
  • Food trucks:
  • Hawker inspired eats (variety of pickle inspired street food, bao, bunch mi)
  • Rock N Rolls (Pickle Egg Rolls)
  • Creme Brolee (pickle Creme Brulee)
  • Philly Fry Truck (Pickle brined French Fries)
  • Everything We Eat (Fried Jerk Pickles, age cider brine chicken tenders, Salt cod fritters and pickles, honey pickled carrots, pickle green mango salad
  • Roasted Liberty( pickle Fries & Pickle brine fried chicken sandwich)
  • Munchie Machine (bacon cheeseburger and pickle egg roll, dill pickle popcorn, pork bahn mi, potachos potato nachos, chicken in waffle cone, pb&J brownies)
Obviously with the amount of interest this event is getting, it would be smart to get your tickets fast!  General admission is $10 and VIP tickets are going for $25.  For those interested in copping VIP tickets, HERRS’ potato chips will be give every VIP ticket holder a bag of Dill flavored chips ( they are hard to find in stores).
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