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Messy Free Thanksgiving Travel Dish Tips

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Messy Free Thanksgiving Travel Dish Tips

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and if you’ve been invited to Thanksgiving dinner, you most likely asked yourself, “How am I going to travel with my dish without it spilling, leaking all over your car and clothes, or getting stale by the time you get to dinner?” Well, let’s appreciate the recipes people have made that will help you get your travel dish ready for Thanksgiving without making a mess and staying fresh for dinner. Follow these simple rules for your Thanksgiving travel dish.

Keeping It Cool


If your dish requires to be refrigerated for example jello, pack your dish in a cooler with ice or an insulated box to keep it cool. This will keep your dish cool and fresh for a couple of hours right before dinner.

Cherry On Top


Toppings like certain garnishes for example like whip cream can melt and cookies can get soggy, so for the best results with out messing up your dish, top off your dish right before serving it.


Tables and kitchen counter tops are limited with space to prep your dish, so instead of prepping at dinner, try cutting everything and setting it up before arriving and use cookware that can be heated in the microwave so you don’t have to transfer for your dish from one dish pan to the next.

Something Easy And Simple.


Vegetables are always a good idea. They can withstand being cold and can be reheated without the flavor of it tasting disgusting. Also, salads are easy to make and stays fresh without getting soggy.

Cheers! Cling. Cling.


Everyone loves adult beverages. Especially a good beer and a glass of wine to wash down their Thanksgiving meal. It’s easy to carry and travel around from house to house.

Pies And Other Things. 


What is a Thanksgiving dinner without pie? Everyone loves pie and it is easy to travel with. Pies, cheesecakes and cakes are easy to bake and are best to make 1 or 2 days before dinner. They are solid dishes that won’t spill or leak all over the car.

By following these simple rules will help your Thanksgiving travel dish to be messy free, fresh and a more enjoyable time to spend with love ones.

What are some travel dishes you are bringing for Thanksgiving dinner? Hashtag #travelscoop and join the conversation on social media.

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