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Melissa Alam and Her Team Are Teaching Philly Women How to Be Fearless



Melissa Alam and Her Team Are Teaching Philly Women How to Be Fearless

Melissa Alam and Her Team Are Teaching Philly Women How to Be Fearless

“Honestly one of the reasons we started this conference because so many conferences are male dominated. There were start-up conferences that I would attend and there were all male speakers. I just got pissed. I am like, I cannot relate to anyone and I am sure there are other women like me that are of the ages of 20-35 that want to attend to learn about business from key players in the industry but we can’t relate to anyone,” Fearless Conference Founder and Creative Director Melissa Alam boldly states.  It’s sort of one of those quasi-taboos in the business world where everyone is aware of the bias, yet few speak out. However, Melissa Alam and her team are looking to provide a platform for women to share and soak-up invaluable information and knowledge during The Fearless Conference October 1st & 2nd.

the-fearless-conferenceAlready in its second year, The Fearless Conference, “gathers creative and motivated women together to spark new conversations and collaborations with a focus on entrepreneurship and female empowerment.”  We’re talking about some of the region’s heavy hitters in the field of business, fashion, academia, health & wellness and just about every industry you can imagine.

If you’re thinking this is going to be a pillow-talk conference, guess again.  The Fearless team is a kick-ass squad comprising of serial entrepreneur and marketing whiz Melisssa Alam, networking prodigy Nikki Khanna and social media guru Laiza Santos.  This trio will be hosting what has become the marquee event for women empowerment in Philly.  Last year’s conference featured highly successful female entrepreneur keynote speakers such as CEO of Thinx, Miki Agrawai, CEO of, Naama Bloom as well as restaurateur Nicole Marquis.  Attendees not only got to hear tips and industry secrets but also were afforded the opportunity to ask questions, participate in workshops, network and voice their opinions and concerns.

Always going for bigger and better, this year’s Fearless Conference will feature over 25 speakers, panelists and moderators in the field of fashion, technology as well as marketing and P.R.  The three keynote speakers will consist of Amanda Steinberg, CEO of, as well as Jordana Kier and Alexandra Friedman, co-founders of LOLA.

Over the course of the weekend, those in attendance will  be doing much more than just listening and raising their hands to speak to panelists.  Several engaging workshops will also be taking place such as brand building, legal advice, social media strategies, accounting and taxes and much more.  These hands-on workshops create an intimate ambiance as well as maximize comradery and networking.  Melissa and her team are pulling out all of the stops to make sure The Fearless Conference is much more than “just a conference” or the cliche “experience.”  They are looking for you to show up “vulnerable” and ready to take the next steps towards your dreams and become the next great female leader.

Watch our exclusive interview of Melissa Alam and her team as we get the scoop on what makes The Fearless Conference a must attend event no matter what sex you are.


The Fearless Conference: Oct. 1-2nd

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