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Mad Rex is Giving Our Free Appetizers Today to Launch Their New Happy Hour!


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Mad Rex is Giving Our Free Appetizers Today to Launch Their New Happy Hour!

Mad Rex is Giving Our Free Appetizers Today to Launch Their New Happy Hour!

Mad Rex is Giving Our Free Appetizers Today to Launch Their New Happy Hour!


Mad Rex Restaurant and VR Lounge (1000 Frankford Ave) announces the debut of the “Hour After Happy Hour” designed to celebrate the hour after the end of the world. The world’s first post-apocalypse themed restaurant and virtual reality lounge has fired up a full menu of new dishes and happy hour exclusives designed around Mad Rex’s unique theme. New dishes will start at $3 and include Rex Ribs, Chicken Wings (three styles), Grilled Black Rice, Foragers Flatbread, Pig Wings, Chicharron and Lamb Merguez Hot Rock. The Lamb is the newest black rocking dining option – where patrons will fire up their meat on a black lava rock coming out of the oven at 700 degrees and arriving table side at 500 degrees. On the bar side, survivors get ready to raise a glass with drink specials starting at $2 and include the exclusive Mad Rex IPA designed with Blueprint Brewing Company. Other drink specials also include $4 off camel bags that are served on IV racks to allow patron’s hand to be free up during their time in the virtual reality lounge. Happy Hour will run weekdays, Monday through Friday, from 4:30pm to 6:30pm, and include free virtual reality with any happy hour purchase.

The Hour After Happy Hour kicks off with a launch party on Thursday, April 5, 2018, from 4:30pm to 6:30pm with complimentary appetizers from the new menu – including free Rex Ribs for the first 100 guests, plus samples of pig wings, chicken wings, foragers flatbread and grilled black rice. Mad Rex IPA will also be sampled during the event. Patrons will also enjoy free virtual reality during the launch party.

“The end of times is here and you are a survivor,” said partner Michael Johnigean. “Come celebrate the ‘Hour After’ with a new happy hour in the world’s only post-apocalyptic restaurant and bar. The Mad Rex ‘Hour After Happy Hour’ is a celebration of life. We drink to honor the will to survive. We wanted to design an experience to live for, a time to boast of our day’s victories and show off our scars, and a daily escape from a lawless society.”

The Hour After Happy Hour features a food menu that is almost entirely special new dishes created exclusively for a unique happy hour experience – none of the dishes are available at other times at Mad Rex (except the chicken wings). “We wanted to take our time since opening in the fall and really make our happy hour experience memorable. Our kitchen really spent the last few months developing a menu that caters to our theme and will offer things you can’t get anywhere else. In the coming weeks, we will continue to roll out some new dishes – including our twist on Swiss raclette – heating and melting the cheese wheel over potatoes for Mad Rex’s new cheese fries. Stay tuned for other new things to come – including a brand new full menu and new weekend brunch service.”

New dishes from the kitchen include lamb fired up on 500+ degree lava rock, chicharron, pig wings, foragers flatbread and much more. The foragers flatbread is for the hunters and gatherers and will change with the season. The crown jewel of the happy hour is Hunter’s Table for only $20 including two over-sized Rex Ribs, a bowl of chichahrron, two pig wings and ten chicken wings.  All items are made in the scratch “Survivor’s Kitchen” at Mad Rex.

Toast your survival in the new world with bar specials and signature favorites like discounts on the Vigilante, Mad Rex’s exclusive Mad Rex IPA and camel bags.

In the region’s only virtual reality lounge, enjoy complimentary of free virtual reality games and experiences with any happy hour purchase.


* Chicken Wings Three Ways $3

Mad Rex BBQ –  a sweet and tangy house made traditional mesquite BBQ with brown sugar, vinegar, paprika, onion powder

Mad Rex Buffalo –  a spicy rich traditional sauce made in house with chipotle and cayenne

Garlic Parmesan –  roasted garlic, fresh Parmesan, rosemary in a medium bodied buttery sauce

* Rex Ribs $5 –  braised then grilled beef rib with a agro dolce which is a traditional Italian sweet and sour sauce with red bell pepper and vinegar, topped with black & white sesame seeds.

* Raclette Cheese $7 – Coming mid April – stay tuned.

* Grilled Black Rice $6-  black forbidden rice very rich in nutrients (a healthy carbohydrate) pan seared with tofu, potatoes, and tomatoes in a creamy yellow curry sauce with crispy carrot chips on top (vegan)an exotic and vivid blend of flavors.

* Foragers Flatbread $6 – made in house on a house made thin pita crust, ricotta cheese, a creamy celery root puree, mozzarella, and Manchego, and seasonal vegetables (this season asparagus, mushrooms, and fried Brussels sprout leaves) squeeze of fresh lemon

* Pig Wings $3-  tender, tangy, fall out the bone pork shank with cumin, garlic, in house dry rub.  Comes with the Southern pickled chow chow (green tomatoes, cabbage, green papaya) a tart and lightly sweet compliment to the pork

* Chicharron $4 -crackling, airy, and crispy pig skins with house made BBQ dry spice a blend of cayenne, paprika, and garlic with a fresh in house made dill ranch.

* Lamb Merguez Hot Rock $10  – locally sourced lamb sausage from Lancaster served sliced and crisping on the black lava rock, a very bold roasted whipped Bulgarian feta, fresh tomato bruschetta, Kalamata olives, pepperoncini peppers, herb oil

* Hunters table $20 (2 ribs, chicharron, wings 10, 2 pig wings) –  great for groups and a fun way to sample highlights from the happy hour menu


* $2 Domestic Drafts
* $4 Mad Rex IPA Drafts – Mad Rex Exclusive with Blueprint Brewing Co.
* $5 Well Drinks
* $6 House Wine
* $7 Vigilante signature cocktail
* $4 off camel bags

Mad Rex IPA is a custom blood red rye IPA and the number one selling draft at Mad Rex – and was recently made available for sale to the public, distributors and other restaurants by Blueprint Brewing Co. During Happy Hour stop by for a virtual reality 360 degree tour of the brewing plant.

The Vigilante is Mad Rex’s top selling signature cocktail – and the official cocktail of the Hour After Happy Hour featuring  Bluecoat gin, elderflower liquor, fresh lemon juice, pomegranate juice,
herb honey simple syrup and a rosemary sprig. “The Vigilante is our official cocktail of the Hour After Happy Hour – its our number one seller and is perfect for spring season and for when we open the patio doors.”

Johnigean added, “Mad Rex has now launched this unique Hour After Happy Hour inspired by great food, drinks and VR experiences.  Customers can come and enjoy this experience to live for while celebrating life with fellow survivors. We wanted something for visitors from around the region – and beyond – and things we thought our neighbors in Fishtown would enjoy.”

All happy hour specials are valid Monday through Friday, from 4:30pm to 6:30pm at the bar, lounge and outdoor patio (when it opens in spring). Free virtual reality during happy hour is available in the Virtual Reality Lounge for ten minutes with any happy hour food or drink purchase. Pick from a 360 experience or game – and be transported to another space and time.
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