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Golf Pro Adz Kozlowski’s 3 Tips For a Better Swing


Golf Pro Adz Kozlowski’s 3 Tips For a Better Swing

In an age of emails and text messaging it seems as though interpersonal skills and face to face time is diminishing.  This tends to give the impression that all business whether professional or personal must be done via electronic device.  However, if there is one thing or rather one game that bridges the gap in both business and personal lives, it’s golf.

Sure baseball is America’s past time, and football is the ultimate ‘man’s man’ sport, but the golf course is where deals get done.  A place where men and women can gather in pairs or foursomes and discuss business, life, and philosophy in a tranquil setting.  Business folks aren’t the only ones turning to golf, it’s also a great way for parental bonding or a retreat for friends to hang out and get away from the stresses of life.

Now if you want to reap the benefits when hitting the links you need some type of golf game.  Just like visiting the neighborhood bball court and not knowing how to dribble can be frustrating, not knowing the fundamentals of golf can be equally frustrating.  This is where golf pros come into play.  Meet Adz Kozlowski, a golf professional with over 30 years experience, Adz has helped scores of men and women to improve their game.

I was able to catch up with Adz at the Strawberry Driving range in West Philly on a perfect sunny day.  Now to be perfectly honest I’ve been to a driving range once maybe twice, okay just once but the extensiveness of my game only goes as far as my countless visits to the local put-put.  However, like most men in their mid twenties to early thirties, developing a golf game has always been on the to-do list.

There was no expectation of walking out of the range and entering the U.S Open, but getting a firm grasp on the fundamentals was a definite.  I didn’t feel too bad when Adz pretty much stated he’s worked with the novice or novices and the the best of the best, “I have as much fun and enjoyment working with beginners as advanced players.  In fact beginners and intermediate players tend to soak up the information more,” he reassured me.  It was obvious that the sun wasn’t the only thing I was going to soak up, I was going to be a sponge and take in as much golf advice and tidbits as possible.

Looking out into the vast grass field in front of us, I wondered how far I could launch a golf ball.  Although, I’ve been lacking on my gym time I felt pretty confident.  However, it become apparent pretty quickly that golf is more technique than brute strength, so my illusions of channeling my inner Sammy Sosa quickly diminished. “It’s not how big and tall you are or how strong you are.  Hitting a golf shot is all about technique,”Adz explained.  Another quick gem he was quick to point out is the mental aspect of the game.  It seems as though many players tend to over think their approach.  If this applies to you, Adz has a simple solution, “I tell players if you’re up there trying to hit the golf ball too much you’re thinking about the ball too much and the ball becomes a distraction.  The lessons are designed to get you away from focusing on the golf ball and getting awareness of what you need to do.  Such as how get your arms to move, how to get your body to move and the ball just happens to get in the way.”  A simple solution for a major issue.

So far I already learned more about golf swings in the first few minutes speaking with Adz than all of my 33 years of existence. Now for those who are admiment about developing a great swing Adz has what he calls ‘the trifecta.’  As Adz explains, “The trifecta are three things if you build your golf swing and understand these three key fundamentals or dynamics you can really build a great golf swing.”


Tip #1

“Swing Path”


The path in a golf swing is not a straight line so a lot of us are trying to make the club go straight back and straight through which is incorrect. It doesn’t work that way because the golf club is designed on an angle so you need to get the club swinging in an arc.  So basically in a golf swing there are no straight lines with the golf club.


Tip #2

“Avoid Open Club Face”


You got to understand where the club face is pointing in relation to the line your swinging the club on, that has an 80% influence on the direction of the ball.  For example, righties have a tendency to miss the ball a lot to the right.  The tendency is to hit the golf ball with the club face open, which means pointing to the right.  When that happens the ball shoots over to the right verses the club face squaring up, pointing at the intended target.  These types of mistakes happen when the golfer tries to lift the ball in the air. If your intention is to try and lift the ball off the ground you will be hitting the ball with an the open face of the club and the ball will go to the right.  There’s no reason to try and lift the ball in the air.  Reason being if you do try to lift the ball you will hit behind the ball and at times your going to hit the ground first then hit the top of the ball.


Tip #3

“Angle of Approach”


One major confusion among players is the uncertainty of the approach.  People aren’t sure if you have to hit up on the ball or down on the ball.  The answer is you should be hitting down at the ball.  Angle of approach is more of a down angle so when the club strikes the ball the club is still angling downward and hits the ground that makes the divot in front of the ball.  Therefore, the club should be hitting the ground in front of the ball.


Adz assures that these three tips are the basic fundamentals to build your swing around.  Although there are other basic tips such as proper grip and stance, the trifecta is essentially the foundation to a great golf swing.  In an effort to ensure his students are applying the trifecta appropriately, Adz has turned to handy gadgets such as tablets and apps to record, analyze, and correct his students’ swings.  The analyzed swings are then emailed to students.  “People love it.  They share it with their friends and it gets people really excited about golf.  Most people never seen their swing before,”Adz explained.

So with the proper guidance, discipline, focus, and technique having a solid golf game is a definite reality.  Adz offers excellent one-on-one lessons for those seeking personal attention.  Trust me he’ll have you showing up your boss, best friends, and colleagues in no time.  Hey who knows your next big deal could be one great golf swing away.


For More Information or to Schedule a Lesson with Adz Kozlowski:

Call: 267-888-7025




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