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Finally, There’s a Pizza Vending Machine

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Finally, There’s a Pizza Vending Machine

Tired of having to choose between sticky buns and Pop-Tarts every time you’re at a vending machine?  I mean the only time going to the vending machine is mildly entertaining is when the food snack Gods smile down on you and two snacks fall for the price of one.  If this describes how you feel about vending machines, I am here to tell you great news.  There is now a pizza vending machine that cranks out pizzas at a blazing 90 seconds!

Dubbed the Pizzabox, the vending machines produce pizzas quickly straight out of a 800 degree oven withing the machine.  Another cool feature on the vending machines, are monitors that will allow live video chat for real-time customer service. The pizzas themselves are 10″ in diameter and will cost a pocket friendly $5 a pop.

The creators of this awesome machine also have produced a Burritobox, which operates along the same concept.  The Pizzabox itself has already been in operation overseas and the inventors are looking to introduce it to the U.S market in 2015.

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