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5 Apps Every Traveler Needs

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5 Apps Every Traveler Needs

In preparation of any trips, all travel apps have one thing in common: it serves as a purpose to help you make it through your travels easier. Whether it’s giving you reviews on what restaurants and local attractions to go to, cutting down the time to get to your destination, check the local weather, rates on the best hotel and etc. If you’re looking for great travel apps for your phone, well look no further. These apps are great tools from giving you local weather, to organizing your trip and everything else in between, these apps covers all your travel needs.


Trip Together


Traveling on your on but looking for a travel buddy? Trip Together allows you to find, connect and communication with other travelers to share your amazing experience together. You can share travel plans with other travelers to make new friends worldwide. This app is useful to give you more information about your trip with real travelers.


Trip It


Trip It is one of the best apps for organizing your travel planning. It eliminates carrying paper copies of your itineraries; air ticket, hotel, cruise lines and car rental information. This app also lets you know when your flight is on time or if there is a delay. It gives you information on your gate for departure and arrival location and if there is any gate changes. Trip it is like walking around with your personal assistance letting you know everything you need to know ahead of time before your big trip right in your pocket. If that isn’t enough, you can also share your itinerary with your friends and family by simply downloading it and sending it to straight to there email.


Word Lens


Excellent app for travelers when needing to translate  signs, menus, reading magazines and so on. This app translates languages extremely fast by capturing the imagine with your phone’s camera. You can also look up translations by typing them in or clicking on a word in realtime with the font, colors, and imagine matching exactly like the item you snapshot.


XE Currency 


This app is very easy, useful and convenient for travel. You can use this app for exchanging money the equivalent amount in foreign currency. It’s a must have app for international travelers to any foreign country that need to know the exchange rate for how much your money is worth. You can also check the value of all the different currencies on a daily basis since the exchange rates vary from day to day.




Not the most thrilling app but it’s convenient to know what’s the weather going to be for the day and/or week(s). This app offers weather reports for well over two million locations. It gives you the wind speed and chill to the humidity of the day. It’s so accurate if you’re traveling to London and it predicts it’s going to rain, chances are it is. So pack your stylish umbrella and rain boots because it’s going to come in handy.

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