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CCP Now Offers Courses for Aspiring Food Truck Entrepreneurs

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CCP Now Offers Courses for Aspiring Food Truck Entrepreneurs

It feels like the food truck industry just boomed overnight.  We went from typical hot dog stands on city corners to elaborate food trucks serving up lobster rolls, Asian fusion, and all types of imaginative dishes.  We’re almost spoiled by the vast variety of food trucks in the city.  However, this phenomenon isn’t just isolated to Philly, it’s a national trend that’s growing.  Even TV has been cashing in by broadcasting shows such as The Great Food Truck Race and Food Truck Face Off.

The Community College of Philadelphia has recognized this growing trend and has created a curriculum that caters to those looking to become food truck operators.  Many individuals try and start food truck businesses without prior training or experience.  Some go on to become successful, while a majority flame out. Therefore, courses for aspiring food truck entrepreneurs are definitely in demand.

CCP’s courses were created to prep those looking to venture into the mobile culinary field.  The courses themselves are broken into three parts. Below is the exact curriculum taken from the Community College of Philadelphia’s registration site.

Mobile Food Management 101: Concept and Plan

The food truck concept has become an influential segment in the foodservice industry. This workshop will introduce you to Mobile Food Management and provide the fundamentals of owning and operating a food truck or food cart.  It will familiarize you with the tools needed to formulate a food truck concept and turn it into a standardized plan. You will focus on menu planning, truck/cart design and location. Case studies, field trips and current food truck businesses will aid you in designing your own mobile food unit.

Mobile Food Management 102: Requirements

Are you interested in starting a food truck/cart business but are not exactly sure where to get started? Join this exciting workshop to learn the requirements needed to operate a mobile food unit. Emphasis will be placed on federal, state and local regulations, zoning, licenses, and permits needed to operate a food truck/cart legally. You will learn health, safety, commissary and tax requirements. Students are provided with resources to support a successful food management program.

Mobile Food Management 103: Design, Costing, and Budgeting

Learn to work on the design, costing and budgeting for a mobile food unit. In this workshop, you will learn the necessary skills needed to be successful in the foodservice segment of mobile food management. Emphasis will be placed on marketing a food truck/cart through website and social media outlets. Encouragement of participating in the community to foster good relations and continued marketing will be covered to round out a successful mobile food business.


Contact the Community College of Pennsylvania at 215-751-8000 for more details.








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