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Best Wine Bars in Philly

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Best Wine Bars in Philly

Best Wine Bars in Philly

For those that really enjoy a glass, sipping on wine is almost an art form in itself.  The basics are usually taught at wine tastings where they teach what to look for and how to enjoy a good wine.  Then there’s certifications and exams for the master drinkers to become a Sommelier.  Luckily it doesn’t matter where you fit into this equation because Philly has fantastic wine bars that can be enjoyed by everyone.  From quaint and cozy wine bars to hustling and bustling wine bars and everything in-between.

After scowering the city and “wining down” as they say, we picked the Best Wine Bars in Philly that we felt had an overall selection and ambiance that can be enjoyed by most.  So if you’re in the mood for a nice glass of wine after a long day you cannot go wrong with any of these places.  Enjoy!


Jet Wine Bar

1525 South St.


Located near the Broad & South St. intersection this place is easily accessible by public transportation which is an added plus.  As for the wine, those looking for great variety especially imported wine will love this place as they boast, “…wines from around the world.”  As we took a look at their wine selection we were thoroughly impressed although many of their variety comes by the bottle.  However, most are very reasonably priced and worth the purchase if you plan to stay a while.  For those looking to accompany your wine with food, this place serves up mostly light entrees including sandwiches,  meat & cheese platters, and steak montadito among others.  This is a great place for a casual date or to meet up with friends and colleagues.


Vintage Wine Bar

129 S. 13th St. 


If you’re looking for another cozy atmosphere to sip your vino, this is the place.  Offering up soft lighting and intimate setting vintage does the job for those looking for a date spot or a casual meet up which is why they made our list of the Best Wine Bars in Philly. Serving up over 40 varieties of wine by the glass as well as a great selection of beer and stocked spirits this place has everything you need for a great night.  As for their menu enjoy light entrees such as cheese platters or go heartier with selections like burgers, salmon, and flank steak.  The food is just as great as the wine so if you’re looking for a great well rounded wine bar, look no further.


Zavino Wine Bar

112 S. 13th St. | 3200 Chestnut St. 

For those looking for a more casual wine bar, Zavino Wine Bar located in both Center City & University City serves up an awesome selection of wine as well as some of the best brick oven pizza in town.  Although light meat & cheese platters are available, heavier platters reign supreme here.  Enjoy ravioli, gnocchi, & fettuccini dishes as well as an awesome brick oven pizza section.  The atmosphere here is a bit more livelier than other wine bars which creates the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a glass and a slice with friends, colleagues or a casual date.


Tria Café

123 S. 18th St. | 1137 Spruce St.


This is probably most Philadelphian’s go to spot when it comes to wine bars.  It’s the quintessential wine bar from the decor down to the menu and wine pairings.  You can’t go wrong with this place whether your a casual drinker or a pro, Tria fits the bill.  Enjoy domestic and imported wines by the glass or bottle as well as a great selection of craft beers.  As for the food this place is strictly light entrees such as meet & cheese platters and sandwiches.  This place makes our list of the Best Wine Bars in Philly for its atmosphere  that is relaxed so it’s a perfect spot to meet up with friends and colleagues or a laid back date



114 S 20th St.

Philly restaurant mogul Chef Garces fashioned this place after the traditional European tapas bars and features wines from all over the world.  Garces is known for using quality so expect great things when you drink and dine at this spot.  Since it is a tapas wine bar, Tinto serves up light entrees such as montaditos, bocadillos (finger sandwiches) , and brochettes (skewers).  As with most big name chef spots in the city expect to pay a little more price wise.  However, this place is worth the extra coin.  Great place for an intimate date or casual dining with friends.


640 N. Broad St.


Known for its high-end pizza and tasty cuisine this place also is one of the best spots to get a glass of vino.  What make makes it extra special is the process in which the wine is served.  Each serving is poured in a seasoned glass which was “primed” with whichever wine you select.  There’s over 250 wines here at any given time.  So that’s a lot of primed glasses.



1312 Spruce St.


Marc Vetri does not disappoint with this flagship restaurant. However, if you plan on coming here be prepared to splurge a bit as this place is definitely on the expensive side.  The pre-fixed dinners are what brings the people in but the wines here tend to steal the show.  With over 2,500 wines stored int their wine cellar,  it would take you about 7 years to try them all if you came every day.  That’s a lot of wine.



1623 E. Passyunk


Let’s show the French a little love.  I mean with all these Italian spots, let’s not forget about the other Europeans that have been cranking out some of the best wines for centuries.  This quaint spot offers the best French wines. Whether you’re looking for red, white, orange or sparkling this is a must try.


La Famiglia

8 S. Front St.


Looking for a little exclusivity?  La Famiglia offers up a private wine room to try their outstanding selection of wines. If you ever get a chance to stop by here be sure to check out their wine cellar which is kept at the perfect temperature thanks to century old wells.  No really it’s crazy.  As for the selection it will make your head spin considering there are over 13,000 bottles of wine stored here.


Petruce et al

1121 Walnut St.

Wood fire seems to be a common theme among great wine spots.  I guess there something about the smokey aroma that entices the taste buds to crave more wine.  Either way, Pectruce et al, combines great food with a fantastic wine selection.  It’s chill, laid back and a perfect spot to unwind after a long day.

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