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a.bar Has Fancy New Cocktails to Get You Ready for Summer

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a.bar Has Fancy New Cocktails to Get You Ready for Summer

a.bar, located  in Rittenhouse,  just debuted their new Spring Cocktail Menu, featuring cocktails shaken, stirred and swizzled, all influenced by seasonal flavors, as well as a fresh batch of classic and contemporary cocktails. For those that are not fully committed to the craft beer craze or simply want a change of pace, a.bar is throwing their hat in the ring of the surging craft cocktail trend.

Long gone are the days of vodka crans and old fashions, instead cocktail drinkers are always in search of new tastier creations so they can brag about it to their friends and rack-up some Instagram likes.

So for those cocktail venture seekers looking for the ultimate summer time fine drinks, here’s what a.bar has to offer…


  • Spring Shaken Cocktails:
    • Orange Catholic, a.vod vodka with lemon, hibiscus and sparkling
    • Moral Outrage, Corralejo Blanco tequila with Cappelletti, lemon and demerara
    • Sonny Boy, El Dorado rum with Dolin Rouge and lemon-coriander shrub
    • Amphibious Lady, Corralejo Blanco tequila with crème de violette, yellow Chartreuse, lime and honey
  • Spring Stirred Cocktails:
    • Message in a Bottle, Fighting Cock bourbon with Dolin Blanc, Breckenridge bitters and a green Chartreuse rinse
    • Derivative, Famous Grouse scotch with Dolin Rouge, Becherovka, Zucca and Plymouth navy-strength gin
    • Cheap Suit, Beefester gin with Cocchi Americano and lemon-coriander shrub
  • Spring Swizzled Cocktails:
    • The Soothsayer, Cruzan Black Strap rum with myrtle berry liqueur, lime and mint
    • Alsatian Swizzle, Fine Herb extract with Riesling, lemon and a pickled asparagus spear
  • Spring Classic Cocktails:
    • 20th Century, Beefeater gin with Lillet Blanc, Tempus Fugit crème de cacao and lemon
    • Caipirinha, pitu cachaça with lime and sugar
    • Singapore Sling, London dry gin with Combier, Benedictine, Cherry Heering and lemon and orange juices
    • Pan-Am Clipper, Laird’s Applejack brandy with grenadine, absinthe, and lemon and lime juices
    • Puritan, Bluecoat gin with Dolin dry, yellow Chartreuse, orange bitters and a twist
  • Spring Contemporary Cocktails:
    • Gentlemen’s Buck, bourbon with lime, orange, ginger, angostura and soda
    • Sands Cocktail, gin with maraschino, lime and grapefruit
    • Quick Fix, Barsol pisco with St. Germain, lime, grapefruit and mint
    • Archangel, Bluecoat gin with Aperol and muddled cucumber
    • Water Lily, Beefeater gin with crème de violette, Combier and lemon

Alsatian Swizzle


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