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9 Reasons Why You Need to Get Your Paws on Hair O’ The Dog Tickets!


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9 Reasons Why You Need to Get Your Paws on Hair O’ The Dog Tickets!

9 Reasons Why You Need to Get Your Paws on Hair O’ The Dog Tickets!

The 23rd Annual Hair O’ The Dog is going down January 7th, 2017 at The Fillmore.  If you haven’t experience the awesomeness that is HOD, then let us provide a little backdrop as well as motivation to get your ass in gear to buy tickets.  You’ll get to experience everything from top notch entertainment, premium drinks, world class cuisine and much more.  So in case you were wondering what the big deal was, here are 9 reasons why you need to get your paws on Hair O’ The Dog Tickets!

Party For A Good Cause!


Where else can you party like a rockstar and benefit children in need? No where. A portion of the proceeds from the 2016 Hair O’ the Dog will go to Bianca’s Kids.  Established in 2010, Bianca’s Kids is a 501(c)3 approved nonprofit organization that grants wishes to foster, sick and needy children. Wishes have been granted from meeting Eagle players to providing everyday necessities to make life a little easier.  Hair O’ The Dog isn’t your run-of-the-mill party where promoters run away with fat pockets.  It was established way back in 1995 as a way for local Philadelphians to get together, have fun, and raise money for a great cause’.  So drink and dance the night away knowing that you’re helping local children in need to realize their wish!


The Insane Open Bar Packages!


What party is complete without primo liquor? The organizers of this year’s Hair O’ The Dog are pulling out all the stops to make sure the drinks are flowing.  This year you can choose from seven different party packages that range from 2 hour open bar up to 5 hour open bar and bottle service! These packages are tailor made to fit every type of party animal from the light weight to the heavy weights and everything in-between.  The best part is all packages include top-shelf liquor, so you don’t have to worry about getting gypped with some Banker’s Club or no-name vodkas that will leave your head pounding the next day! Check out all of the party packages here! 


Everyone is Dressed to Impress!


Have you been waiting a while to break out the good linen?  Well in a town full of lounges and dive bars, finding the right place and event for ladies to “slay” and fellas  to “hurt em” can be a challenge.  Dubbed the “adult prom” by many regular attendees, Hair O’ The Dog is the perfect event to take your friends, family, and significant other and dress to the 9’s.  So ladies get your hair did, fellas plan for that fresh cut. Cause’ when you look great you feel great and when you feel great you party great!


It’s a Freakin’ Music Festival!


No, it literally has a line-up that is music festival worthy.  This year’s entertainment line-up is the best to date.  We’re talking the party animal himself Lil’ Jon, I mean come on he coined the phrase “getting crunk,” so you know it’s going to be live! Rumor has it that Lil Jon ordered over two dozen bottles of champaign for his performance, so things will be getting wet and wild. Then you have international DJ sensation Dillon Francis.  This guy has rocked out at some of the world’s largest music festivals and had the crowds going insane! Also hitting the stage is the melodic multi-platinum artist VASSY, who’s track with Tiesto just reached #1 on media based dance charts.  Let’s not forget Philly’s own Rozes, who is best known for her smash hit “Roses” ft. The Chain Smokers and puts on a helluva live performance.  Do you really need more motivation to get your ass here?


The Food Will Be Bomb.com


When it comes to the world of the culinary arts, you’ll be hard pressed to find a bigger name than Wolfgang Puck.  That’s right the Michelin starred chef who was also inducted into The Culinary Hall of Fame will be providing the grub.  Hmmm, think about the last big time party that provided world class cuisine?  Most New Year’s parties provide just Hors D’Oeuvres usually consisting of pizza bites and egg rolls.  We’re talking a world class buffet here.  So if you’re a foodie that loves to party, this event is pure bliss.


It’s The Best New Year’s Experience


Although technically it’s the New Year’s cure for the hangover, it will still outdo any New Year’s Eve party in the city.  Who else is throwing a concert with a buffet and throwing in the crazy open bar deals?  If you’re looking to bring in 2017 the right way then Hair O’ The Dog should definitely be on your to-do list. So start marking your calendars now because if you miss this event, you’ll have 364 days to think about your mistake.

It’s One of Philly’s Classiest Traditions


Hair O’ The Dog is 23 years in the making.  It is just as old as many other Philly traditions such as the annual Wing Bowl (25 years old).  We as Philadelphians are proud of all of traditional events but when it comes to showing off the classy side of Philly, no other event compares.  As the years roll on, Hair O’ The Dog just keeps getting bigger and better to a point where out-of-towners are starting to get in on the action.  It’s an event that we all can be proud so say that Hair O’ The Dog is a Philly jawn.


It’s at The Fillmore!


Only about a year old, it’s not hard to believe that many Philadelphians still haven’t experienced an event at the Fillmore.  What better venue to take in the sounds of some of the biggest names in entertainment than here?  The Fillmore provides a world class venue featuring a world class sound system for the ultimate party experience.  The venue itself is a Philly gem and one of the best if not the best concert hall in the region.  So if you’ve been looking to check out the Fillmore what better time than now!


It was Voted Best Event in Philly!


This is no easy task. Think of the hundreds of events that go down each year in the city.  From food festivals to music festivals and everything in-between. Through it all, Hair O’ The Dog continuously comes out on top as the best event in Philly.  Essentially you’re combining everything you love about festivals with a prom-like setting, for an experience like no other.  Rub shoulders with celebrities, network with Philly’s movers and shakers or simply dance the night away with your friends. Whatever your motive is, Hair O’ The Dog is the place to be to do it all.  Do you really need a 1oth reason?  We didn’t think so either.

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