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7 Reasons Why Capofitto in Old City is One of the Philly’s Top One Stop Date Spots


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7 Reasons Why Capofitto in Old City is One of the Philly’s Top One Stop Date Spots

 7 Reasons Why Capofitto in Old City is One of the Philly’s Top One Stop Date Spots

So summer is in full swing and with the hot temperatures comes the hot romance.  So if you’re looking to court someone during summer 16′, you’ll need to know the places to go. Well lucky for you we’ll be highlighting date spots throughout the summer.  This week we’re spotlighting Capofitto in  Old City.  This place has it all when it comes to planning a date.  Food, drinks, atmosphere and most importantly great desert.  So here’s our reasons why Capofitto in Old City is one of Philly’ top one stop date spots!


It’s Intimate


Whether it’s your first date or an anniversary, it’s always good to have an intimate setting if you’re trying to set the mood.  Forget loud and crowded spots where it feels like you’re eating in a high school cafeteria.  Here, the owners did a great job creating an ambiance that is inviting as well as relaxing.  So if you’re looking for a nice low-key restaurant to enjoy great food and avoid crowds, Capofitto is the spot.

The Wood Fire Pizza Tho’!


Pizza is always a great choice on a date.  1. Everyone loves pizza. 2. Foods you can share are always the best on dates.  Yes, there are tons of spots in the city to get wood fire pizza.  However, this place is bringing a cozy atmosphere, drinks, gelato and a full menu to the table. Not many places can brag about that.  Just for the record the pizza here is phenomenal and highly underrated.  We even overlooked this place when we listed the top pizza spots in Philly.  However now it’s definitely on our radar.  Expect an updated list in the near future.


The Hand Crafted Cocktails are Clutch


We’ll if you’re like most people on dates, you’ll want a nice drink to take the edge off and let your hair down a bit.  So we’re combining an intimate setting with some banging cocktails to create a pretty good date spot.  The ambiance is right and the drinks crank it up a notch.  The best thing about this bar is you won’t have to be clamoring trying to get the bartender’s attention since this boutique restaurant has seating for only 6.


3 Seating Areas Offer 3 Different Vibes


Why be stuck with one option? As soon as you walk into Capofitto a gelato bar awaits.  It’s got a throwback feel to it.  Here you have a few tables to sit down if you’re just swinging by for a quick desert.  Keep it moving and there’s a bar area where you can pull up a stool and share a few drinks on your date.   Towards the back of the restaurant is a full on dining area where the lights are dim and the wine flows.  Here is where you seal the deal for the second date (if you’re on the 1st).  The wood burning oven is the perfect backdrop so you and your date can watch the staff churn out fresh pizzas by hand.


Did We Mention Their Food is Banging?


Maybe you want to impress your date.  Maybe you’re not in the mood for pizza or you’re looking to celebrate with some tasty grub.  Capofitto features antipasta, pasta, ripieno (Neapolitan-style calzone) as well as a nice choice of appetizers.  Basically everything you want from a small Italian joint that also wont break the bank.  The owners here use farm fresh ingredients and you can definitely taste the difference.

The Gelato is Out of this World


Capofitto owner Stephanie Reitano also goes by the name “Gelato Queen.”  Folks around-the-way aren’t the only ones singing her praises.  In fact she is the founder of Capogiro which was crowned “Best Place to Eat Ice Cream in the World” by National Geographic. I’d like to go ahead and co-sign NatGeo.  So what better way to cap off a date than eating desert that was named world’s best? It doesn’t get more impressive than that! Just like pizza, gelato is also a great food to share.  This is a perfect opportunity to get your Lady and the Tramp on and split the desert.  Then again this gelato is so good you’ll want your own.


Perfect Area to Take a Stroll


With all this texting, DMing and other digital means to communicate, is walking and talking still a thing? Capofitto is located in the heart of Old City, which is a perfect setting to take a stroll and walk off the calories.  Close by you can chill on a bench at a local park, get your tourist on and check out local landmarks or mosey on down to the Spruce St. Harbor Park and cap off the date with great conversation.

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