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6 Reason Why You’re Better Off Single During Cuffing Season

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6 Reason Why You’re Better Off Single During Cuffing Season

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6 Reason Why You’re Better Off Single During Cuffing Season

6 Reason Why You’re Better Off Single During Cuffing Season

Cuffing season is upon us.  If you’re feeling the pressure of having to find someone, decide on someone or just skip it all-together then you came to the right place.  Here are our 6 reasons why you’re better off single during cuffing season.

Think About The Money You’ll Save!

save that money

Aside from not having to spend money for holiday gifts, you’re saving money on gas, picking up meal tabs at places you didn’t wan’t to go to in the first place, as well as outfits to stay cute or fresh.  Having a relationship can be very costly.  Some ladies out there have sponsors and sugar daddies but for the rest of us guys and girls it can be a financial liability.  So instead, stay single and stack up.  All the money you save this fall and winter can go towards dope spring and summer vacations.


Only Fools Rush In

What’s the big hurry?  No reason to give into peer pressure, that’s how mad habits starts. Some folks really follow the cuffing season schedule and end up in a shitty relationship.  1 to 2 months is not enough time to get to know someone to cuff them.  What ever happened to dating and slowly getting to know them while still keeping some options open in the meantime?  Hey, if you fall in love that’s cool but if you take it slow you might end up cuffed all-year-round and not just for the cold months.


Invest This Time In Your Goals

Are you where you want to be in life?  Have you achieved the goals you set for yourself?  If not, then invest that cuffing season time towards goal crushing time.  Read those books you’ve been meaning to read.  Start that businesses you’ve been thinking about or take that class you’ve been meaning to take.  Invest in yourself instead of a relationship and you’ll be able to attract better dating options.  As they say, become the person you want to date.

Uber > Relationship

If you’re the superficial type that only participates in cuffing season for food, transportation and the occasional shoveling of your sidewalk, well maybe you should consider an alternative.  Uber is better than a relationship.  They bring you food when you can’t leave the house and don’t linger around.  Hey, sometimes you just want someone to bring you food and leave you alone.  Need to go somewhere?  Uber will take you wherever you want to go and won’t ask to tag along or wonder if you’re cheating. As for the shovel, meh throw a few bucks at a neighborhood kid to get it done.  Think of if as giving back to the community.


Save Yourself The Heartache

What if you cuff and you really fall in love?  I mean both your intentions may be to just be eachbother’s fuck buddy during cuffing season but then you developed feelings or vice versa.  Well save yourself or them the heartache.  Sometimes even when you’re not going in with the intentions to love, shit happens.  So avoid the awkward and gut wrenching spring break ups and avoid cuffing all-together.  This way you can go to your spring break destination and hoe around with a clear conscious.


Life is Better With Options

If you’re just looking for someone to get snowed in with then why settle for just one when you can have options?  I mean you will most likely have more than 1 snow day and the person you planned to cuff may just suck at picking movies or don’t share the same food interest.  These are cuffing season violations.  So, keep your options open and date freely without the cuffs.  Think of it as being on the practiced squad all cuffing season without fully committing to playing a regular season game.

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