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30 Things To Do In Philly Before 30

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30 Things To Do In Philly Before 30

30 Things To Do In Philly Before 30


Sled Down the Art Museum Steps

Winters here can be pretty brutal but on the flip side the snow can provide fun opportunities.  Once of which is the daring slide down the Art Museum steps. I personally know many people who got bruised tailbones as a result but it’s kind of like a rite of passage. Besides it’s better to do it while you’re young and able to recover quicker.


Late Night Food Truck Runs

Calle Del Sabor is perfect late night food, drunk or sober

Calle Del Sabor is perfect late night food, drunk or sober

You’re twenties is the time to be a social butterfly so you will be out, a lot.  Late night food cravings come along with drinking and although dinners and cheesesteaks spots attract a fair amount people, food trucks are emerging on the scene.  There are many yummy options including the 3 am taco trucks in Fishtown.

Crash a UPenn Party


This one goes out to the non-Ivy Leaguers in town.  Hey when you have the rep of being the “rich kids” having the biggest frat houses come along with it. So any given party night kids from just about every other schools look to crash a party and enjoy tapping UPenn kegs for the price of ummm …on the house.


Take the Chinatown Bus

Hey you have to be frugal in your twenties.  The trains can cost a pretty penny and the Chinatown bus is a broke college/20 something’s saving grace for trips to NYC or DC.  They are fast, convenient, cramped, and usually come with a weird odor.  Nonetheless it’s cost-effective.


Attend a Wingbowl


It’s chauvinistic, vulgar, loud, but it’s Philadeladelphia through and through.  What better time to root for glutenous eaters, strippers, and other scantily clad women at an ungodly early time than in your twenties.  Once you settle down we doubt your spouse will be pleased about this event.


 Hit Up an Open Mic Night


Philly is teeming with talent.  The home of musical talents such as Will Smith, Hall & Oates, Boyz II Men, Patti LaBelle, Jill Scott, and the list goes on.  So why not venture out to an open mic night in Philly.  Hey you just might just witness a star on the rise.


Party at a Shady After-Hours Spot

You probably wouldn’t want to risk this in your 30’s given the probability you’ll have a spouse and children but shady after-hour spots are a Philly thing.  Whether in discrete locations or in a dive bar after closing it’s hard to resist the temptation of keeping the party going after the clubs close.


Take Out-of-Town Visitors to the Real Cheesesteak Spots

While you’re young and more available you’re prone to have out-of-town visitors whether friends or family.  The first thing they will want to do is hit up the tourist trap cheesesteak spots. However, it is highly likely that your favorite place isn’t found in hotel brochures.  They may not like the aesthetics of the joint you love but they will surely be happy with the taste.


Be On a First Name Basis With a Homeless Person

There’s only so many places you frequent throughout the day so chances are you’ll run into the same homeless person over and over.  It’s not a bad idea to strike-up a convo. Heyyou just might learn a thing or two and it’s a humbling experience.


Attend a First Friday


Aside from music, Philly is also rich with art.  Local artists whether painters, photographers, or sculptors have some serious talent so patronize a few shows.  Not only will you be more cultured, it’s also a great place to mingle and network.


Live Off Take-Out Menus

This rings especially true for the early twenty-somethings.  Usually due to the lack of funds to frequent fast casual eateries and having a lack of culinary skills, chances are GrubHub gets opened almost as much as your Facebook app. Eventually you’ll get tired of the sesame seed chicken and accumulating pizza boxes and put those pots and pans to use.  In the meantime indulge.



Sure your twenties is the time to sew your wild oats and party with reckless abandon but it’s also a great time to put some good energy out into the world.  Give back a little and volunteer your time.  Clean a park, tutor students,  assist the disabled, whatever you choose to do you’re sure to feel a great about yourself.


Hit Up an Independent Movie Theater


Step outside of your comfort zone and check out a movie without a huge budget and A-list names. Places like the Ritz show awesome independent movies.  Granted you won’t be able to see a movie in IMAX or 3D but chances are you will get to experience great acting and an actual plot that makes sense.


Have a Staycation

Unless you already live in Center City, there’s no better way to enjoy the area than to stay in one of the many plush hotels.  Treat yourself to a night whether it be solo, with friends, or significant other.  Being able to enjoy the amenities of downtown and walk back to your room is a great feeling.


Get Kicked-Out of a Sporting Event

NFL: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

Personally for me it was an Eagles game.  Granted we aren’t saying go out and commit a crime but if there’s a time you need to heckle a little harder than usual or say somehow food starts to fly and you get kicked-out, it’s okay.  That’s how you earn your stripes around here.


Travel to South Philly for Pho Hoping it Cures Your Hangover


It’s almost like an urban myth around these parts.  The Vietnamese soup with the magical powers to cure even the toughest hangovers draws people in by the hundreds every weekend.  As for Sunday morning, forget about it.  It’s almost like you have to get a reservation at the most popular pho spots.


Visit a Museum Solo


Usually hailed as great date spots, museums tend to draw couples, families, and various types of groups. However, to really indulge and experience the many treasures our city’s museums have to offer it is often best to venture by yourself.   Have a seat on a bench in front of an exhibit, sketch a sculpture, mingle with strangers.  Think of it as a playground for your imagination.


Drunk Karaoke in Chinatown


No matter your level of talent once the alcohol start to flow the courage starts to build.  Let loose at one of Chinatown’s many karaoke places and belt out some of your favorite tunes that are usually reserved for solo car rides and morning showers.  It’s not only a great stress reliever, it’s actually a lot more fun than you think.


Attend an Off-Broadway or Independent Show

There are no shortage of performance theaters here in the city.  At any given night each one is showcasing amazing shows whether it be Tony Award winning productions or a play written by a local writer, you’re sure to catch a great performance.  Going out doesn’t always have to be about partying, slow it down a bit and take in the arts.


Visit at Least 5 Rita’s First Day of Spring


Hey free is free.  As a twenty something you got to take advantage of the deals so why not go all out one time and go Rita’s hopping.  Try a new flavor at each spot and never have to spend a dime.  Trust me when you’re in your 30’s life gets a little busier so do it while you still have the time.


Hit Up The Root’s Picnic

Sure Made in America is the new big thing in Philly as far as concerts go but The Roots are home grown.  They’ve been putting together great concerts for years and it’s only right to support the home team and enjoy a true Philly vibe during the summer months.


Read a Book at a Pop-Up Park


Pop-up parks are the new wave in Philly outdoor experiences.  During the summer months many lots and green spaces are converted into cool little parks with food trucks, hammocks, live DJ’s etc.  The vibe is ultra chill and it’s a great way to take in the city other than traditional parks especially considering the fact that many of these parks are equipped with bars so you’ll be able to get lost in a book while sipping on a refreshing cocktail.


Run a Marathon/Athletic Event


Now-a-days the hardest part is choosing what to participate in. There’s always the classic Broad St. Run. Then there’s The Color Run, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Naked Bike Ride, Cupid Undie Run, and the list goes on and on.  These are great places to not only stay fit but to mix it up with your local Philadelphians and make new friends.


Have a Cook-Out at the Park

Outdoor space can be hard to come by in the city so why not get a group of friends and enjoy a cook out at one of the many Philadelphia area parks.  Whether it’s local at The Plataeu (where everybody goes according the Fresh Prince) or further out to places such as Nockamixon Park.  It’s a great bonding experience and also the best way to take in many of Philly’s parks.


Participate in a Bar Crawl


Aside from traditional crawls you also have themed crawls such as the zombie crawl and Santa crawl.  It’s a fun way to explore the awesome Philly bar scene.  It’s a great way to visit bars you would otherwise never visit as well as providing another chance to mix and mingle.


Catch DJ Jazzy Jeff Live

Arguably the best DJ in the world, Jazzy Jeff is a Philly icon.  Usually on tour the majority of the time, Jazzy is known to put on a few shows here and there so any chance you can get definitely make the effort to pay homage.  For you young folks it will do you good to hear old school tracks that have spawned some of today’s biggest hits.


Attend a 6 Am Party

Z Bar and LIT Ultra Bar occasionally stay open to 6 am.  So before you settle down and ease-up on the nightlife these are definitely parties you need to attend.  Red Bull & Vodkas flow like wine and folks dance until the sun comes up.  This is not something we get to experience often considering bars close at 2 am so it should be on every 20 something’s to do list.


Attend a Convention


The convention center hosts other great conventions aside from the car show and flower show.  Just about every type of industry swings through Philly from tattoos, comic books, beer conventions and everything in-between.  Make it a point to check event listings and attend one you’d otherwise would’ve missed.  It’s a great way to learn about new industries as well as network.  And in your twenties networking is very important.


Take a Cooking Class


Several schools and restaurants in the area offer awesome cooking classes.  Since the majority of high schools got rid of home-ec classes many young folks grow up not knowing their way around the kitchen.  So learn a life skill and have a great time in the process.


Hit the Golf Range/Courses


If you plan on being a businessman/woman it can be beneficial to develop a good golf game. Many deals are made on the course so hone in your skills while your young and take a trip every so often at area courses and ranges.

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