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10 Blunders Women Unkowingly Make That Turn Men Off

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10 Blunders Women Unkowingly Make That Turn Men Off

As a follow up from last week’s “10 Blunders Men Unknowingly Make That Turn Women off” (http://bit.ly/1n7ZfhY)  I definitely wanted to turn the tables and show what the fellas have to contend with when trying to court a lady.  Now this list isn’t for the casual fling, but more so when searching for potential soul mates.  Although you won’t see popular turn-offs  such as not knowing her way around the kitchen or having too many guy friends, you will see small things that can make a man with standards go from hot to cold.

So for the ladies that want to attract a man to stick around longer than breakfast the next morning, try and avoid some of these pitfalls.


Relationship Hoppers


We’ve all seen it a girl on Facebook consistently changing her status from “In a Relationship” to “Single” to “In a Relationship” so frequently it’s like she is sending a Morse code signal.  Seems like every month she is posting a profile picture with a new beau sporting the duck face with the caption “Finally the love of my life.”  Well these are the type of women that most men try to avoid.  No respectable man wants to be the boyfriend of a girl that switches teams more than Kwame Brown.  So if you are having trouble keeping a guy around disable your relationship status function and enable your common sense and start to pick men based of compatibility not comfortability.


Picky Eaters


We’re not saying you have to have the palate of Andrew Zimmern but the inability to step outside your comfort zone of finger foods can be a deal breaker.  We as men have to envision spending a significant amount of time with you in the future and if that means having to watch you order off the kids menu every time, then we want to stop envisioning.  Sense of adventure and exploring is in a man’s DNA, so having a partner that is willing to explore with us is a big deal.  So put down the chicken fingers and pick up an adult menu.


Social Media Whoring


Not in the sense of actually sleeping around but more as the attention seeker.  You know the type that takes a pic overhead to show cleavage with the caption”check out my new socks.”  She lives for the likes and the double taps but never thinking about long term consequences. Sure you will get guys fawning over you, but they are only interested in buying what you’re selling from the drive-thru. They aren’t trying to make a reservation to sit down and enjoy your company.  In other words if you want a guy to stick around, show some substance.  Stop flashing your unmentionables because a simple picture flashing your pearly whites can go a long way.


Walks like a Newborn Giraffe When in Heels


Although most guys look for a girl with a mean shoe game, it’s okay we understand shoes can be expensive.  But please make sure that the pairs that you do own can be worn without tearing your ACL.  For guys there are few things that turn us on more than a woman in a sexy heel.  A 5 can go to a 7 with the right heel on.  However, a 9 can drop to a 6 just as quickly if she doesn’t know how to strut her stuff in her skyscrapers.  It’s almost embarrassing to watch a woman trying to navigate a room while looking like Bambi on ice.   As they say practice makes perfect so if you’re having trouble in high heels practice around the house so you can perfect the walk.  Guys appreciate a woman with a mean walk.


Habitually Broke


We’re not asking to date a girl with Kim Kardashian’s bankroll but lack of funds can mean lack of interest.  Sure we don’t mind picking up the tabs here and there but when a woman is constantly complaining about her financial situation it is an automatic red flag.  For those ladies that have trouble keeping their phone bill paid, having a man should be the least of your concerns.  Good men want to be with women that have their shit together for lack of better terms.  Look, everyone has debt but if a woman cannot manage her finances what makes you think we would want to marry you have have you manage ours?  These type of women are looking for help not love.  So if your a women in dire financial straights take yourself out the game and improve your situation because a better you attracts a better man.


Messy Car & Home


Women are notorious for keeping messy cars but if your home is just as messy as the backseat of your Chevy Malibu it raises red flags for men.  A guy who is looking for a potential suitor needs to know that a women can keep things in order especially a home.  But if he is dating you and constantly sees your car and home is in disarray  it will be hard for him to envision a future with you.  Also, this is just a reflection of hygiene so if you want to give the best impression take time to put things away and for god’s sake do the damn dishes.


Un-Kept Fingernails & Toenails


I for one am a sucker for the French mani/pedi but I am not saying you have to be in the salon every week.  If you do see your polish chipping away just come to terms with it and remove the little speckles that are left.  I believe nail polish remover is like $2 bucks if that.  We would rather see nude finger and toenails than someone that looks like they been climbing concrete walls all day.  So set aside $20-$30 bucks bi-weekly and maintain your nails.  Besides this was one of the biggest pet peeves women had regarding men.  If you want us to maintain respectable nails we ask that you do the same.


No Ambition


Hey we all had jobs we didn’t like.  Whether it was for lack of experience or because of a lay-off and we had to find a means to generate income.  Okay, cool we get that, but when a man is getting to know a women and she has no ambition to get further in life than being a key holder for an urban boutique at the age of 25 then it can be a red flag.  Show us you’re at least working towards some kind of education/certification for better placement in life.  We want a partner that can bring more to the table than just sex.  Ambition to us is sexy so a women that is always looking to better herself is a keeper.


Anti-Social With the Homies


For most guys loyalty is everything and we live by the bros first code.  So when men are in the mix of dating and find someone with potential it’s crucial that she can fit into the click without things getting awkward.  Now we understand we may have some ignorant or annoying friends but let your frustrations out on us not the friend.  Causing riffs within a circle will have a guy choosing sides and more often than not we side with the homie.  If it’s really an issue have a talk with the guy you’re dating and let him know how you feel about his friends.  If he really cares about you he will have a talk with them and make the necessary adjustments to keep the peace.

The Gossiper


If we wanted to know what everyone was doing we’d date Wendy Williams.  Few things are worse than hanging out with a girl that is constantly talking about other people’s lives.  Not only does it show insecurity it foreshadows  her next topic of conversation which is the guy she’s with.  We want to know you can keep secrets and personal matters just that, personal.  Often times these types are the ones to constantly be involved with social media drama claiming to have “haters.”  The reality is the classier you handle your matters the less conflict you will have.  So if you are the type of girl that has loose lips, just know they sank your love boat.

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