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8 Reasons Why College Friends Will Always Be Family

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8 Reasons Why College Friends Will Always Be Family

8 Reasons Why College Friends Will Always Be Family

8 Reasons Why College Friends Will Always Be Family

No matter how long it’s been since you graced the stage and received your diploma, those college years still feel like yesterday.  Those fond memories wouldn’t be complete without the awesome people that were there through all the ups and downs.  They may by scattered around the country working on their careers and starting families, but no matter how much time passes or how many miles you guys live apart they will always be family.  Just in case you forgot just what made the bond so strong, let us give you 8 reasons why college friends will always be family.


You Guys Been Through The Struggle Together

 photo broke_zpsghcjl0lh.gif

When people look back and joke about their “broke college days” it’s all shits and giggles now but back then it was no joke. If it wasn’t for the meal plans especially 4th meal, you would have been pretty frail.  College was the time to establish your financial freedom and show your parents you can make it on your own.  However, when that reality sets in at the book store after you realize even the used books are breaking the bank, pride of asking for money goes out the window.  Most of the time your phoned home while other times your college friends were there to float you a little cash.  So it wasn’t uncommon to get spotted by a true college friend.


They Witnessed Your Growth

 photo proud_zpso7xdg6br.gif

From a broke freshman with tons of time on your hands to a sophomore/junior with an internship then eventually to graduating, no one else got to sit front row in your show called life.  Your college friends got to witness you put your life goals into motion and execute them.  Even the closest family members were unable to see how things unfolded through your hard work.  Many people may know you went to college and pulled  some all-nighters, but your college buddies got to see the blood, sweat and tears.


You Guys Were Each other’s Best Motivators

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Remember those tough ass classes you almost dropped?  How about that one semester you were overwhelmed by your work and school schedule?  Maybe you even contemplated dropping out of school.  More than likely your college pal was there to give you the extra motivation you needed to get through the rough patches.  Looking back you almost feel like you wouldn’t have made it without them.


They Met Your Fam and Had Your Mother’s Cooking

 photo college-mom_zpsdeo1ffbd.gif

There’s a high probability that your closest college friends doubled as former roommates.  If this was the case then of course they were around for the occasional family visits. You know the ones where your mom dropped off like 5 tupperware bowls full of food.  Not only were you able to break the monotony of take-out and fast food but you got to experience that home away from home feeling with your college pal.  Let’s not also forget those times where you guys would visit actually visit each other’s homes during breaks and holidays.


You Share Secrets That Will be Taken to the Grave

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There’s nothing like getting together with your old college buddies and sharing laughs and stories.  The best stories always start off with either “remember when” or “let’s not forget about that one time…” Buuuut there are also stories that will forever be stored in the vault.  Maybe they’re embarrassing stories or the type of information if leaked could get you incarcerated.  Either way there are things that only your college friends will know about and you wouldn’t have it any other way.


They Were There When You Went Through Relationships Woes

 photo heartache_zpswltjgiu6.gif

Those high school boyfriends and girlfriends all seem like puppy love compared to the relationship woes you experienced in college.  From the honeymoon phases to the heartaches and everything in-between, your college friends were always there for honest advice if you were willing to take it or not.  Either way they doubled as both a relationship counselor and shrink.


You Guys Learned How to Party

 photo college-party_zpsgyqlql9g.gif

There’s nothing like college parties.  Those off-campus house parties where jungle juice flows, that one bedroom that was designated for coach check and the sea of people you had to wade through in order to get to the kitchen for drinks.  This is the environment where you guys honed your partying skills.  Where wingmen and women developed their wings. Where you built your alcohol tolerance including those nights you went over your limit.  Whether a memorable night or a night you don’t even remember, this is where the most bonding happens and you realize damn this is my fucking homie for life.


You Graduated With Them

 photo graduation-day_zps1sl0sney.gif

It’s both the happiest time and the saddest time.  One of those quintessential “bitter sweet moments.”  It’s the time you look back and reflect on all the bullshit you guys went through and the bright future ahead as you begin a new chapter in life.  Sure there is relief and celebration but it also signifies an end of en era.  A part of your life that every time you throw on your college apparel as an alum, you will always look back and reflect on the friends that made your college years so great.

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